Redwoods June 2011

Redwoods June 2011

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This is off trail, along Redwood Creek just after Tall Trees Grove at the sharp bend in the creek. This tree was tipping miraculously at about 30 degrees, so I went in to examine how it could be standing. The (probably) dead trunk in foreground was holding up the big tree by holding up the much smaller trunk to left. That trunk is connected at bottom to the big tree. I’m thinking that as the dead trunk dies the simply enormous pressure from the weight of the big tree – millions of pounds – will snap it and the big tree will fall, re-routing Redwood creek or perhaps even damming it up for a short time. Can’t wait to check up on this in the coming years.

3 thoughts on “Redwoods June 2011

  1. Redwood..and sequoia groves are serene spaces, are they not? Just think–when and if the “reform” programs of GOP-TP hero Paul Ryan go through, the parks where most of big trees are found will be closed, and privately owned and operated– probably by chinese developers, or Google Inc. (aka the Russian mafia).

    • Don’t worry Horatiox, I’ll help block the drive through tree initiative for Redwoods NP. In Arcata, CA in front of Humboldt University there was a huge Redwood Stump, cut about 4 feet up from the base. It was nicknamed the “Ronald Reagan National Forest”.

      But don’t forget it was Republican Teddy Roosevelt who did more for the National Parks and US wilderness preservation efforts than any other President.

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