[updated] Cardilly is NOT a legitimate business. Security Certificate REVOKED. DO NOT buy from Cadilly!

Cardilly.com is either a scam or has a very unusual social media strategy going, since much of the buzz about Cardilly is very negative right now with many people insisting it’s a scam.   I think it’s probably NOT a scam   [update – I’m leaning to “scam” based on all the unaddressed negative feedback and undelivered cards], but surprised they are not addressing critics, and fast.   Is this all part of a strange  “negative news is still news” strategy?    If so, it’ll be interesting to watch the Cardilly saga play out.

After responding to an online advertisement  from what appeared to be a Google ad at a major site I wound up at the new website “Cardilly.com” that was offering $100.00  Wal Mart Gift Cards for … $50.00  .     Some would say that’s “too good to be true”, but in the online world it seemed to me this might indeed be a legitimate deal, especially in light of Groupon’s spectacular success and company valuation.   Seemed to me that Cardilly might be offering a handful of “loss leader” card deals in an effort to generate buzz and traffic.

Given this and their GeoTrust Certificate  (which I later learned  ONLY guarantees that the transaction is “secure” and not that the company is legitimate) I did make the purchase.     The long wait time is also a bit suspicious, but understandable because extending this time will increase their profits quite a bit on a big operation.

There’s a very active conversation about Cardilly online, with most people citing the red flags and asserting “Cardilly is a scam” without much evidence to support that claim.   [update:  Few (nobody?) has reported getting cards so the red flag is getting bigger each day]

This is an area where Google could do a much better job in my opinion – basically guaranteeing that anybody using them to advertise will have a physical address and complaints person identified online.    I’m always surprised how few people want to demand that kind of accountability from ISPs and other key online players like Google and Microsoft.     The solution to online fraud is fairly simple – you CANNOT sell online unless you provide a verified support contact.

37 thoughts on “[updated] Cardilly is NOT a legitimate business. Security Certificate REVOKED. DO NOT buy from Cadilly!

  1. We have been able to confirm that this company is not legitimate. They are acting deceptively and not sending out gift cards. We have personally verified that several people have not received gift cards. One of our volunteers placed an order in late July and received an email stating that the orders were shipped on August 4. The volunteer has still not received his cards.
    For more information about this company and for what to do if you’ve purchased from Cardilly, check out our full report here: http://www.acpg.org/index.php/Cardilly-Deals-Scam.html

    • I ordered July 23 and received email saying cards shipped Aug. 4th. My last Company response ( 3 earlier ones were canned letters that did not address my questions) was from Michael in Customer Service. He simply stated my Cards (4 in all) should be received by September 1st. I have already contacted Bank of America and placed the transaction in a DISPUTED mode, and my Account has been credited back by them. Now the wait……

      • Jim, So your account was credited back by cardilly or was it Bank of America that credited you? Was that a credit card of a debit card may I ask? I think that debit cards are in trouble need to cancel them and change nuumber and pin can use to rob you at later times also use your credit card info but the credit cards will eat the cost but I think if you useur debit card you are at loss…???

  2. Do you really have the slightest belief that they could be legit?

    By the way they DO have a support person for to contact for help and refunds: Drunk N. Bumm at the S&D Bank in Ocean Beach.

  3. I ordered four gift cards on August the 7th, was emailed Aug 12th they have been shipped it is now Aug 30 th….and NO CARDS! I think this may be a SCAM.

  4. I ordered Gift Cards from Cardilly August 4th due by August 30-Sept 1 with a follow up E-mail Order Status Change: Your Order 1101‏.
    Another order August 6th due Sept 1-3. with a follow up E-mail.Order Status Change: Your Order 1396‏.
    Foreign charges on my credit card as well. So, within the week I should know one way or the other. Crossing all my fingers and toes.

  5. has anyone waited until the “estimated order arrival date” as stated on your original email from cardilly and then not received the cards?
    I’ve placed several orders (for myself and others) but am now VERY nervous about receiving the cards.
    I’ve written support@cardilly.com, but just have so I don’t know what they’re going to tell me.

    • I and a family member also placed several orders and the estimated date came and no cards. I have written and called talked to a few different ppl said they were on their way and have to be signed for, again nothing. I have called again several times left messages and no verbal response now just a machine. I have written received automated letters as shown on this site of sorrys and cards will be expressed to me and again receivng nothing, asked for a refund and they wrote they have sent the cards out and no refund. Humm well looks like we both have something to be very nervous about especially if you paid by debit and not a credit card. Keep prayful because only God now can help us out of this situation of being innocent and taken. Sorry

      • I don’t know what you can do but they are NEVER going to send you any cards and they are NEVER going to send you any refunds, so if you can do anything DO IT NOW.

  6. >so I don’t know what they’re going to tell me.
    They are probably going to tell you that they thank you for your credit card information and will be using it or selling it soon. They thank you for falling for their bogus claims about limited quantities which was nothing but a ploy to stretch out the time before which you would notify your credit card company about their non-fulfillment. Meanwhile they have enjoyed the notion that their automatic emails about having sent cards were actually believed by people who thought that someone really was in the business of buying 100 dollar cards and selling them for 50 dollars.

  7. WARNING TO ALL – SAVE YOUR MONEY. CARDILLY is a SCAM!!! Ordered the $100 Walmart Card for $50 and the promise date has long since passed. You can no longer communicate with them on their site and they do not respond to email. Is there no agency that would investigate them and shut them down? They should be sent to jail for fraud! I will never buy anything from such questionable sites again.

  8. RIPOFF!!!!! CARDILLY is a SCAM!!! Ordered TWO $100 Walmart Card for $50 (total of $100) on July 29th and written numerous emails for refunds, or info without any other reply than it takes 4 weeks to process and ship orders. THEY ARE THIEVES!! We, as consumers, myself included need to share information sooner because I tried to research ont the internet but there was nothing negative on them at that point. They should be sent to jail for fraud! My grandfather is rolling in his grave…if it sounds to good to be true…….but my thought is some people we do anything to make a buck. I hope it was worth it for them.

    • >some people will do anything to make a buck
      YES. Including doing business with a firm that is an obvious rip-off.
      >tried to research on the internet but there was nothing negative then …
      There was still common sense. If YOU would not buy gift cards for one hundred dollars and sell them for fifty dollars, why would anyone else do it? So if it is utterly absurd right from the start, why did not need to research them on the internet? You still had common sense available to you!

  9. This company is a scam! I encourage people to contact the Canadian anti fraud centre, the FBI’s internet crimes division and their bank. my girlfriend and I have both been scammed and had to dispute the transactions. I hope the Police look into this and arrest these criminals!

    • My supposed delivery dates were between Sept 1 -3. Still nothing today, Sept 7, so my bank is giving me credit. However, you must make TIMELY COMPLAINT to your bank in order to get credit. Usually that’s within 30 days of the charge to your account. If you search Cardilly, then go to Cardilly Deals Inc Business Review …” there’s a form you can complete to the Florida BBB, as the only address located for Cardilly is in Sarasota, FL (comes back to a vacant lot). DON’T WAIT FOR THE 4 WEEKS, THEY ARE HOPING UR TOO LATE FOR UR BANK TO DO ANYTHING.

  10. Hi Abby
    I have called and talked to these ppl and I got the same thing as in the letters that the cards are on their way don’t worry. I spent all my savings for these cards and I am disable and raising children. I am going to my bank in the morning and ask them for them to charge back their bank account and report them to the fraud department at the bank. I am glad I saw your comment because it will be 30 days shortly. My cards were also suppose to come the same time as your but I spent $1020.00 to get values for my children and gas cards for me to get around. I am praying I can get my savings back. I can’t believe they have the nerve to do this to innocent ppl that are trying to make ends meet with little income. Shame on them.


  11. >There’s a very active conversation about Cardilly online,
    >most citing the red flags and asserting “Cardilly is a scam” without much evidence
    The evidence is that they purport to buy something for 100 dollars and sell it for 50 dollars and will mail it to you but only in dribs and drabs under some long, drawn-out process for some secret, undisclosed purpose, despite the mailing of a gift card being a task that can be accomplished rather promptly and easily.
    >Few (nobody?) has reported getting cards so the red flag is getting bigger each day
    The red flag is the absurd business model, not the multitudes of victims who gripe.

  12. Below is the E- letter I received yesterday from Cardilly. Next, I called my credit card company (BOA) and they re-assured me that I have 60 days from my statement date to dispute a claim. So I am going to give them a few more days.


    First let me say that I am sorry that your order seems to
    be late or at the very end of the delivery timeframe.

    As I’m sure you are aware, we are a new company and
    I guess there will always be some growing pains.

    Shipping from Canada without tracking was probably not
    the best way to go. But wanting to offer our customers
    free shipping and not hiding the shipping in the cost of
    the item, we seemed to have dropped the ball on this one.

    We will be changing our policies and all future shipments
    will have full tracking.

    We thank you for your patience.

    Your order shipped from Canada and gift cards are often
    inspected by customs due to there monetary value.

    We will contact Canada Post and U.S.P.S and put a trace
    on your order.

    If the trace does not turn up your order within a week, we
    will just reship. We will send express which will get to you
    within a few days only.

    Or if you rather, we can arrange for a refund if it does not
    show up within a week. But please do allow for the trace

    Again, I’m sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.


    Cardilly.com Support

    • Yeah sure. We just dropped it in the Canadian mail system and now we are going to go ask them to “trace it” and get back to us. When that fails, as it surely will, we will again give you some sob story in the hopes that you will not actually notify your credit card company in time and we can actually make some money at this game.

      Oh, those poor Canadian customs agents: they got nothing better to do but open up and inspect all these envelopes that contain gift cards. Like get real! Whats to inspect? Canada does not want someone exporting gift cards because it would simply be a terrible blow to the Canadian economy of some gift card got mailed out of Canada and arrived in the United States. Vigilant guys those Canadian customs officers. Really dedicated types. They sort through all the mail bound for the USA and pick out whatever might contain a gift card and examine it. Why? How high would the gift card have to be before the Canadian economy was brought to a grinding halt by someone mailing gift cards out of Canada?

    • They live in Florida. If they really wanted to mail the cards to you there are untold thousands of mailboxes in Florida and its real cheap and easy to put a gift card in an envelope and mail it in Florida. A few days later it gets delivered. No delays, no excuses, no inspections, no side-trips to Canada. Very simple to do. Pompano Beach Florida has 1,867 US mailboxes they could mail it from.

  13. I agree this is way too fishy to be a legitimate business, but I still don’t understand how they will avoid damaging credit card actions after all the attention and also how they expect to make money since everybody’s cards will be charging back.

    • >especially if you paid by debit and not a credit card
      Ah… perhaps this is one way they might be taking the money out of the Charge and Charge-back loop?

  14. There is a difference, perhaps, between a card holder having a sixty day right to cancel and the processing company that pays sooner. So the payments are made to the perpetrators and only later the cancellations start pouring in. After that its between the Processor and the Bank… who probably have some sort of procedures in place, but the perpetrators are long gone.

    I really don’t know how many people just get pissed off and feel they’ve been cheated but don’t cancel in time or don’t realize it in time.

    I mean if you lived in Florida would you ship cards to Canada for remailing? Or just walk outside to the sidewalk and mail them right there in a nice convenient mailbox? Its a bit of a no-brainer and if its a no-brainer they did it intentionally for a reason.

    Perhaps they don’t care how many zillions of customers promptly cancel, they just need a few thousand who don’t cancel in time.

  15. Lets see now.
    The “sell” 300,000 cards to gullible folks with an average order of one-hundred dollars. If they have adequate procedures to stall ONE PERCENT of their customers that is three hundred thousand dollars that will NOT be charged back within sixty days and will therefore be “stale dated” chargeback claims. So even if its only one-half of one percent who are lax, their average order is probably at least two hundred dollars.

    They could easily take half a million dollars out of the scheme and hide in some Homestead Declaration in Florida unreachable by creditors or simply live a lavish lifestyle for awhile and then tell the cops to go spit.

    • FG how could they avoid prosecution? I was surprised that my card company would not tell me to whom my money was sent, but it would seem banks have every incentive to find and crack down on this stuff – it must cost them a large sum to deal with all the chargebacks.

      • Credit card fraud is very profitable for the banks. Sure its an expense and a nuisance but by keeping the system as it is, its simply a cost of doing business and they make so much money from the fees and the interest on credit cards that they don’t much care if they have to write off some charges now and then.

  16. Update: Cardilly’s security certificate has been revoked – DO NOT USE CARDILLY.com !

    FoolsGold gets the 100% Correctness Award for calling the shot correctly since day 1!

    • >DO NOT USE Cardilly. GeoTrust has revoked their certificate. Cardilly is a scam.

      I’m curious. Just what is a GeoTrust certificate and why does this revocation suddenly convince you when you’ve been so doubtful all along and otherwise wiling to give the company the benefit of the doubt based on some ill-defined marketing strategy?

  17. >still no cards from Canada that were mailed 6 weeks ago…BLAH!
    No such cards ever were mailed or ever will be mailed to you.

    I’m reminded of that line from a long ago otherwise forgotten movie when a man who finds himself in a real jam is offered a way out: “My fairy Godmother is dead, so who do you want me to kill?” In other words, when someone offers you a 100 dollar card for 50 dollars… its not from your fairy Godmother! This is the real world and no hot shot MBA from Harvard or Wharton or something is going to survive long by buying for 100 and selling for 50.

  18. I ordered my “Walmart” gift card on August 17th. My credit card was charged on the 18th and according to “Cardilly” it was shipped on the 18th. The site is a HUGE SCAM!!! It’s September 22nd and still NO CARD?!?!?!? Give me a break! where exactly was the card shipped from? I filed a dispute with my credit card company and am just glad I didn’t use my debit card like I do for EVERYTHING else I order on line! Hopefully won’t lose $100 and hopefully nobody else who fell for this STUPID scam will either!!!!

  19. This 100% a Scam. Never Received Cards , Waited 38 Days. ChargeBack. I wrote them and they did respond, However the emails I believe are automatic and they use them to make you keep waiting. NOthing Will Come, Do Not Buy… cardilly.com is a SCAM. i HAVE NOTICED THEY LONGER HAVE ANYTHING FOR SALE

  20. Cardilly appears to be back. There are suggestions that Amoozle is the new Cardilly.
    Munir Darmo
    is listed on whois as associated with Amoozle.
    Only now they “ship” the cards by email but you pay a shipping and handling fee anyway.. I had thought Cardilly was people in Florida using Canada as a smokescreen but it seems it may have been Canadians all along.

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