CES 2012 Wednesday – Fox news reporting from CES

CES 2012 Wednesday – Fox news reporting from CES

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Here is FOX news reporting (I think live) from CES 2012 here in Las Vegas. As always the show is a sea of consumer technology and people. Some 125,000 (approximate) attendees, 6000 press and 2700 Vendors. This appears to be Microsoft’s last CES and there’s som buzz about the show facing challenges, but my guess is that CES will remains the key tech showcase for the world and that we’ll see Asian companies take up the slack for Microsoft and others who opt out of the show. The costs here for exhibitors can be staggering with the larger players like Samsung and Microsoft spending more on exhibits that the smaller companies here make in several years. Yet generally the small vendors tell me they are happy with the show – for many their big event of the year in terms of meeting buyers and showcasing their stuff.

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