What’s Up Joe Duck?

It’s always annoying when folks say how busy they are when – almost always – – they are involved in many hours per day of unnecessary TV watching, Facebooking, gaming, making your own hair gel, hobbies, gardening, etc.   Nothing wrong with all those things but it’s not the same as “being busy” doing things you MUST do because of work and other “essential” committments.

That said, I think I’m into the “busy” realm now with more projects than I can possibly complete for some time.   It’s been a good motivator for me, but it’s a little intimidating too.

Here are some of them:

Retire USA Retirement Information.   This is a big project with four other partners where we’ll showcase retirement options in all 50 states.   States and cities are online and I’m building the connections to the 5000+ category records now.    We’ve had an Oregon retirement website for some time and a retirement blog for some time but will be revamping that soon to include more information from more writers and many experts in retirement.

US History, US History Blog, Online Highways Travel, Travel and History.  These are the sites managed mostly by my business partner but with some input by me, especially at our two travel blogs US History and Travel and History.    I LOVE travel blogging and wish I had even more time to travel and blog, but blogging is playing mostly a weak supporting role in my internet projects.   I still need to get my Vietnam trip of Feb 2011 integrated into Online Highways as well as create more opportunities for small businesses at the site.

House Remodel.   My son Ben and I bought a house for him to live in when he leaves home.  It was a good “REO” post foreclosure deal but it needs a huge amount of work to become a great place.    We’ll get some contractor help but do a lot of the work ourselves.  After a few days of pulling up flooring I’m sure glad they invented Ibuprofen.

The QuickAid.com Airport Information Directory.  This  project started me off over ten years ago as an internet entrepreneur.   I bought the website and data from another company and revamped it to include advertising.  However after good initial success I fell victim to Google’s changing algorithms.   They seem to be liking QuickAid again so I’ll be posting to that blog more often and revamping some of the old content about airports all over the world.

AirportCityCodes.com  This is my Airport Codes database of Airports and world airport code and airline code information that also needs some attention.

Twitter.  @JoeDuck  I still love twitter but not quite sure how to use it to business advantage.  I’m setting up individual accounts for many of my websites, but it’s hard to keep engaged with them all.

…. to be continued …


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