McCarran ROCKS with free WIFI

It’s SO frustrating to pay 9.95 for an hour or two of access when you are travelling through an airport that I think most don’t do it.  Here in McCarran Las Vegas it’s free and I love them for it.

Airports like Salt Lake, that CHARGE for internet, should reconsider their strategy and either offer this as a great perk or use some ad supported model.   I’m happy to say I helped establigh free WIFI at my local airport Medford Oregon (MFR).   Portland’s PDX also’s got it and my email complimenting them was well recieved.   Tech people should try to send positive notes to airport administration about free WIFI – this helps them keep it going.


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3 Responses to McCarran ROCKS with free WIFI

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  2. Thanks for your kind comments regarding our complimentary WiFi service. We have been very pleased to provide this service to our customers, now for many years. In fact, we have led an effort in the airport industry to shift our colleague airports over to a free model in the WiFi arena. That effort certainly seems to be picking up steam, as several that formerly had paid services have made the switch to free service, including Kansas City, Denver and Sacramento, to name just a few.

    So, have a bit of broadband connectivity on us! We are now working to increase the number of recharging stations throughout the airport. Give those a try on your next visit and let me know what you think.

    Samuel Ingalls
    McCarran CIO

  3. JoeDuck says:

    Thanks Samuel! I sure hope your excellent approach is used as a model for others. In fact I think even those airports that want to make money from WIFI would do better to have it free and advertising supported rather than pay per use, which won’t bet much use in a world where you can check your mail and communicate “well enough” on a mobile phone.

    Keep up the great work!

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