Pubcon – Feeds and Alternative Optimization session

Sorry but it’s impossible to keep up with all the news here at WebmasterWorld. For better coverage read Barry Schwartz SEO Roundtable who always does an amazing job covering the sessions here – looked like he had a team of bloggers helping this year.

Greg Jarboe

Amanda Watlington PhD blogger and second lifer

Todd Malicoat The SMM Toolbox

I’ve heard several talks by Todd and he’s one of the few SEOs I’ve met that combines excellent communication skills with a deep knowledge of the latest SEO concepts. Very nice guy as well.

Best of the Web: Greg Hartnett

recommends the study of *networks* via books Nexus and … which discuss the mechanics of what Malcolm Gladwell calls the “Tipping Point”. Recommends using user communities like Flickr to drive interested users to your site. Join groups

Google Video – his son’s little “hocky fight” humorous clip of 1 minute downloaded almost a *million* times.   (But how much traffic to his URL?)

RE: Digg info he recommends:
Pronett Advertising

1 thought on “Pubcon – Feeds and Alternative Optimization session

  1. I love the Alien COOKIES, Laura!! Same thing happens to me: “next time, I’ll do this or that” haha!! I’m so happy to hear you are loaded with work, I always remember Dad telling us “Job is a blessing” you’ll get to Paris (or wherever you want to go on vacation) pretty soon!!

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