Bravo Branson

Richard Branson, in this Forbes article, does a fine job of articulating how and why entrepreneurial capitalism and social responsibility can work together in vibrant ways.   Branson recently pledged to give *all profits* from his tranportation companies to projects that are working to alleviate global warming.     Although I’d rather see the money go to global health initiatives it’s admirable and exciting to see how socially proactive the “super rich” like Branson, Gates, and Buffett have become.     In fact it almost seems to be “infectious” which bodes well for a world desparately in need of innovative thinking combined with big money to fund clever projects.

I’d like to see a study of what may be a natural tension when Governments do a “really good job” at eliminating significant problems because it puts bureaucrats out of work and shrinks budgets.   Could this help explain why governments often seem to spend so much and accomplish so little when it comes to solving significant problems?

1 thought on “Bravo Branson

  1. I think philanthropy has always been around, as long as there’s been wealth. Coming from Pittsburgh, where the name Carnegie is attached to half the city, it’s easy to think that corporate charity was a thing of the grand old past, but I believe people like Branson and Gates are doing what most rich people have done throughout the years: give some back, not only because they can — there’s only so much they, personally, can do with money — but because their legacy will be judged far more kindly if they do more for the world than for their own pockets.

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