Real Estate or False Estate?

I’d really like to buy some real estate this winter if the price gets right, but it’s a nervous time since prices appear to be on the way down for at least another several months and as I see it could fall or stay low for the next few years, even indefinitely if global tensions and US spending continue at the current levels.   This article suggests some really good deals in housing, though I think I’ll stick to the local market I know a lot better than these.

6 thoughts on “Real Estate or False Estate?

  1. Hey Joe Duck… I notice you have a photo of Las Vegas in your sidebar “My Flickr Pix”. You also stated your interest in buying some real estate this winter. Well, guess what- I’m available real estate, and I reside in the exciting city of Las Vegas! Why not check out my blog… I’ve got too many possibilities to list! I’m a great investment opportunity, because I’m in a city that’s more recession-resistant than just about any other; people always want to come here, no matter what is going on in the rest of the country, or the world for that matter. Although houses prices have dropped here, regarding new and resale mid-range homes, properties in my category remain unaffected, due to the fact that there aren’t many like me from which to choose. Check me out!

  2. Thanks Tommo – simple, but wise.

    4680 I was just in your neck of the woods last week, but given recent reports that Las Vegas home prices will continue to drop – 7.1% for next year – I’m not big on the idea of investing there even in alternative sectors of housing. I’ll check out your website but if you are selling timeshares prepare to get severely flamed in a future blog post.

  3. I would agree that sticking to a market you know well can be a good strategy. I think the definition of an “edge city” has always been a bit too imprecise but do believe that regional airports are a tremendous boon. However, I fail to see how Panama City, FL, if bypassed by the interstate, will be rescued by merely spending massive amounts of tax dollars on an airport. Real value in real estate is usually based on a diversified local economy and an absence of tax waivers to local businesses. The Fort Collins model of no tax incentives for businesses works!

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