Chico the Wonder Dog

Chico the Wonder Dog

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck.
Chico the Wonder Dog is our lab mix. This is a photo of Chico when I informed him that there is an ANOTHER Chico the Wonder Dog out there on the web, and he is a male Chihuahua.   That fine Chico has passed away but you can visit his blog here:

Well, maybe he’s not an imposter, but I bet that Chicohuahua the Wonder Dog can’t eat an Alpo Birthday Cake in 125 seconds flat.

12 thoughts on “Chico the Wonder Dog

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  6. I have to say, I never quite understand the rules of ranking. Perhaps you might also shoot for “Chico the Wonder Pooch” and “Chico the Wonder Mutt” just to diversify the portfolio. Of course the OTHER Chico gets top billing in that blog home page.

  7. Pappy’s that’s a great point about the home page for the other Chico who has, sadly, passed away. Google has assumed reasonably that the most relevant Chico would be the one that is featured at the blog home page.

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  9. Hi. I just found your blog and found out about your Lab, Chico the Wonder Dog. I may have heard about this before but I don’t remember.
    Chico the Wonder Dog has his own blog now. He went to Doggie Heaven last year but he still visits from time to time and he decided to start his own blog. Please drop by and say hello.

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