Kim Family search moves to Bear Camp Road (aka Merlin Galice Road) area

Most recent news here Kati and kids are safe, James missing but trackers on his trail as of 11pm Monday.

Our 6pm local news just reported that the search for the Kim family is now focusing on the Bear Camp Road (aka Merlin Galice Road). It appears the family hired some choppers to fly the area today but the search is on hold now due to darkness.

I’m glad this area is the new focus for the search because it would seem to be a more likely area than any other route from I-5 to the coast. Family members are heading up from the San Francisco area as well. The logical approach will be to have cars drive each of the many spurs along that route to look for signs of the family car and continue with flights over the area. Some in SF have wondered how you could get “lost” in the modern age but you need to realize this is a huge and remote area. Hundreds of square miles of forest and steep mountains with virtually no traffic and hundreds of miles of logging roads.

Mapquest *right now* gives a “looks easy” set of directions along Bear Camp Road when you search for the shortest time route from Merlin to Gold Beach, but this route is not advisable in winter. Google Maps shows this route as well.

Update: The map they showed on local news indicated they are searching to the west side of the mountains just north of Gold Beach.

Tomorrow (Saturday) they’ll hopefully have good weather to fly over the logging roads that wind all through that area.


16 thoughts on “Kim Family search moves to Bear Camp Road (aka Merlin Galice Road) area

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  2. This came off of FreeRepublic blog (sorry, don’t have the media source):

    ” … Following confirmed sightings last Saturday night of missing CNET editor James Kim and his family at a Denny’s restaurant in Roseburg, Ore., search efforts are shifting north to Douglas County, Oregon police said Saturday morning.
    Search efforts had been busy in Curry County, where Gold Beach, the family’s reported destination for last Saturday evening, is located. But after a multiagency search involving snowmobiles, a Sno-Cat and helicopters including a UH-60 Blackhawk, there’s still no sign of the Kims’ 2005 silver Saab station wagon with California personalized plates of “DOESF.”

    Those fruitless efforts, combined with news of the Denny’s sighting in Roseberg at about 8 p.m. on November 25 gives Lt. Dennis Dinsmore, of the Curry County Sheriffs’ Department, “no indication in any way that they every reached” his county.

    “We’re going to start backing away from the investigation,” he said, adding that the hunt will shift to roads off state Highway 42 instead of Highway 38. Both are common routes taken to get from Interstate 5 to the Oregon coast.

    Officials from Douglas County, where Roseburg is located, could not be immediately reached for comment, but are expected to release a statement later today. Dinsmore said the family’s stop at Denny’s had been corroborated by employees and a credit card receipt.

    The National Guard, California Highway Patrol, Oregon State Police and Coast Guard have are all participating in the search. In addition to patrolling highways running from Interstate 5 to the Oregon coast and along Highway 101, Oregon State Police troopers say they are checking hotels and resorts on the south coast. …”

  3. Thx Sammy. I’m concerned that the 42 route search is misguided since 1) it’s hard to get lost on that road and 2) Kim could easily have seen the dangerous Merlin Galice Road as a shortcut and it’s easy to get lost on the logging roads around that main route over to Gold Beach.

  4. update – people searching seem to be thinking they may have taken 42 to powers to Agness to Gold Beach, which indeed is short on miles but long on time and Powers route to Agness is not prominent on maps to my knowledge. I continue to favor the wooded slopes west of Galice as most likely location.

  5. I wonder why the Oregon Department of Transportation has never seriously considered improving the Bear Camp Road? This road is very dangerous (even in the Summer months), and there is no viable direct route from the Rogue Valley to the Southern Oregon Coast.

  6. Yes – good news. They found the mom and girls alive at 1:30 pm today (Monday). And as we suspected, they were on that dang Bear Camp Road. Let’s pray they find the Dad.

  7. Yes Great news about Kati and kids. Now hoping James will be tracked and found safe.

    Ethan – ironically it was “improved” about 12 years ago when they added blacktop to some stretches. Not sure they could keep it clear in winter without huge costs.

    IMHO they should mark it on maps as “closed seasonally” but I think it’s a “tough Oregonian” frame of mind that keeps it open yet often unsafe for travel.

  8. You guys seem right now track to begin with. My friends had driven up from CA and at a gas station stop in Merlin, they were advised to not take the route. They traveled on the main highway in search of the Kim family.

  9. I’m an avid backroad crawler, having lived in wintery NE Minn. most of my life. There are thous of remote foresty roads there as well. I moved to Coos Bay in 99, and immediately began exploring the backroads from the coast to Eugene, and south to the CA border. Of course, this terrain is very different than MN. I recall exploring a logging road off Bear Camp in very late March one year, alone. The dirt road surface was very smooth, dry, with spotted snow below and above me to each side. I recall rounding a mountain bend, headed away from the sun’s exposure. Suddenly I was in 3-4 foot deep snow that had seen no sun for months. It lifted my 4×4 up and compacted the snow below me. I was literally 10-15 feet from bare dirt, still on the road, hung up on compacted snow. It took 4 hours to dislodge the truck. Was I prepared? I could never be prepared enough. My prayers to the Family.

  10. Our prayers are with this family .This father and husband will be found. it will be will be nice if he will be found around before christmas. it will be the best I KNOW THAT JESUS WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERTHING WE HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE PRAYING FOR HIM ONE TIME I was lost in montana woods.
    thanks Lillian killduff

  11. Thanks to

    joeDuck for the help with the search and the excellent coverage of it. I am sad to hear of the bad news of Mr Kim not making it out, yet greatful his wife and two daughters did!
    Thanks from Michigan, Jerry Eastman

  12. I was very sad to hear that James Kim did not make it out alive. I, as everyone else was hoping for a much different outcome. My family and I have lived in Josephine County for over 30 years and we are furious that there isn’t more done to keep people off Bear Camp Road in the Winter ! Gate it and lock it before another tragedy happens. Us locals know not to go up there in the Winter but there is always going to be someone from out of the area who thinks they can go puttering over it.
    Sheri Pool

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  14. Here is a link to an Oregonian article on all the mistakes that were made. I almost went down until they said Bear Camp was cleared. It really was not cleared and thus the tragic loss.

    I am certainly disappointed at the way it was handled, however, we in the media could have been contacted sooner and as the article mentions, there were just so many mis-steps and no unified command.

    John Gervais
    Gervais, Oregon

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