PodTech Bloghaus with Robert and Maryam = glimpse into future of reporting = very cool

Although Apple’s release of the iPhone at MacWorld sort of stole the show away from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, I think PodTech / Scoble’s brilliant idea of setting up a “Bloghaus” at CES is one of the neatest conference ideas to come out in a long time.

Unlike some of the other early bloggers, Robert Scoble has been a strong advocate for the powers of blogging as cornerstone of commerce. His book with Shel Israel, “Naked Conversations”, was an excellent introduction for corporate suit people to blogging’s significance and also to blogging’s importance to a smart corporate strategy.

Many of the suits are still fretting about this and failing to grasp the obvious, but Robert’s new gig, PodTech, is proving a leader in innovative blogging, and I think the CES Bloghaus has set a new standard in the effectiveness of alternative reporting approaches and frankly what a “cheap date” good bloggers will prove to be. One prominent blogger wrote down there that he was heading over to bloghaus because he was running low on cash. “Feed me”, he begged. So for the price of a few beers and Pizza bloghaus gets a good writer and a good plug. And that’s good! I’d sure like to see a bloghaus at the next conference I attend. Sure, you can blog from anywhere at the conference with your laptop and WIFI, but wouldn’t it be more fun to be hangin’ at the ‘haus?

I’d like to compare some of the professional reporting coming out of CES with the blog reports. In other venues blogging generally wins, offering personal insight and expertise rather than a superficial skim of the topic. Also, bloggers tend to speak more frankly so you avoid the sort of “legally / commercially sanitized” fluff that sometimes constrains are reporter’s ability to tell the real story.

Bravo Podtech! Bravo Robert and Maryam and your team down there at CES. I only wish I could have been writing this … from there!

4 thoughts on “PodTech Bloghaus with Robert and Maryam = glimpse into future of reporting = very cool

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