Hong Kong Harbor

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor is very high on the list of places I really, really want to visit. It is one of those spectacular and legendary places where an entire culture unfolds before your eyes.

New York Times travel reports today that the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is the place to stay in Hong Kong, but at about $560 for a harbor view room I think this other New York Times frugal travelers approach to Hong Kong is probably more my speed.

Photo Credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Harbor

  1. The harbor is truly absolutely gorgeous and definitely a place to see, especially from Victoria’s Peak (which has a restaurant with very yummy noodles). I went before the change over/revert back to China in 1997 – just in case.

    Of course, I stayed in a backpacker “high rise dump” (I think that’s how Lonely Planet described it…) and not anywhere nearly as fancy. The place I stayed by itself was an experience that spawned many stories all their own (not sleeping with a man from Germany already assigned to my room and being padlocked in are the first of several that come to mind from just the night I arrived).

    In any case, Joe, do go and see it. It’s simply stunning, and fairly easy to get around the different areas, too!

  2. Hey, thanks Maggie! If I’m *lucky* I’ll be going to China for an internet conference in X’ian in May. I’m thinking I’ll try to add a few days in Hong Kong.

  3. Very cool! I’m jealous about X’ian – neat! Take as many days as possible for Hong Kong – don’t let the size fool you, much to see/do. May should be a great time of year, too.

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