Steve Jobs’ down with DRM campaign could get him elected….

Wow, when Steve Jobs suggested music producers effectively getting rid of Digital Rights Management in his post “Thoughts on Music“, a few people were interested in that. Since blogging may determine the outcome of the coming presidential election, I recommend Jobs run for US President on the “A chicken in every pot and free music in every pod” platform.



Here, from TechMeme, are some of the people who are talking about it: Technovia, InformationWeek Weblog, down the avenue, A Copyfighter’s Musings, The Tech Report, confused of calcutta, Paul Colligan’s …, The 463, Things That,, TechBlog, Macsimum News, i-boy, The Last Podcast, The Digital Edge Blog, The Workplace Blog, Rex Hammock’s weblog, Forward Thinking, Seeking Alpha, WeBreakStuff, Business Filter, Change Is Good, Paul Kedrosky’s …, BuzzMachine, The Future of Music …, The Viral Garden, Medialoper, Fast Company Now, Jeremy Toeman’s LIVEdigitally, Blogging Stocks, The Gong Show, DeWitt Clinton, Blackfriars’ Marketing, Listening Post, Geek News Central, SearchViews,, A VC, Life On the Wicked Stage, PSFK Trend: PSFK, Buzzworthy,, Slashdot, Ministry of Tech, Joseph Scott’s Blog, Podcasting News, Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus and UNEASYsilence


My first reaction is that internet people tend to talk too much about music news, but DRM is a very significant topic both in terms of the impact on the industry in terms of money and innovation and perhaps will have broader influence in the coming debates about who owns what and why. So, squawk on dudes!

7 thoughts on “Steve Jobs’ down with DRM campaign could get him elected….

  1. Steve Jobs is a fine CEO of a creative and innovative company, but he wouldn’t last 3 seconds in the vile cesspool that is Washington DC, they would make mincemeat out of him and feed him to the lobbyists.

  2. Yeah Paul…makes you kind of wonder what type of people are running our country!!!

    I am sure the Forefathers are turning in their graves every day!

    Pelosi promised change and now she wants a private air-force jet to fly her family anywhere they want to go!!!

    Aye yi yi, to be in the elite must be nice!

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