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HD TV Hookup Tips and links. Plasma TV, LCD TV, and LED TVs

Although many others could do a much better job offering these tips, I’m doing it out of the great sense of frustration I’ve had during the transition to High Definition broadcasting and the plethora of new TVs and video options. … Continue reading

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Hulu Aliens Eat Boxee’s Brain had one of the best superbowl commercials, where the increasingly menacing and chubby Alec Baldwin explains Hulu’s plans for world domination as a brain-eating alien. I thought they were kidding and just pretending to be ruthless and menacing aliens. … Continue reading

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Rocketboom and the Barons on Video

Wow, once again for interesting stories about sex, lies, and videotape you need look no further than your computer screen.   Here’s the interesting scoop that is leading to some nastiness in the chattering nonsense of my favorite technology blogOsphere: After … Continue reading

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NBC = Not Broadcasting Cleverly

First I want to say how I really appreciate the fact NBC is going to place all of the Olympic sports content online – a real boon for those of us who follow sports like Table Tennis and Badminton.   Those … Continue reading

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Fubar stats are … F.U.B.A.R!

A recent report by made look like the fastest growing website since the dawn of man.   Blogs were breathlessly reporting Fubar’s astounding growth rate of over 3 million percent.    However thanks to some sleuthing over at Webguild, Fubar’s … Continue reading

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Google Adsense for Video, Google Health

Google is the big news today with two major product initiatives.    The first is Google’s entry into the health records management business with trial recordkeeping at a Cleveland hospital.   AP reports The second Google development is adsense for video, yet another attempt … Continue reading

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Check out

John Furrier  has been working in technology and starting technology startups for some time and his blog has a lot of good perspectives from a clever guy.    John was a founder of PodTech, the video startup, and I had a couple of … Continue reading

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