Take two Resveratrols and call me in the morning ?

Noting the number of scams and bogus claims in the nutritional supplement biz I’m always reluctant to accept claims of new “wonder supplements”. However Resveratrol as a “life extension” really looks promising and seems to hold up to scrutiny the more it is tested. 2006 tests on mice prolonged their life significantly, and although human and mice biology differ it’s reasonable to assume we fellow vertebrates have a lot in common. The resveratrol appears to offer benefits related to caloric restriction which is well documented as a way to extend the life of mice. Unfortunately we humans, especially meat and potato guys like me, don’t like caloric restriction.

I’m going to break my normal rule of thinking supplements are not worth the cost and trouble and start taking this supplement.     I’m also going to hope Ray Kurzweil is right that if you can make it to 2040 ….. you’ve made it to eternity due to the coming explosion of AI merging with our biological selves.

3 thoughts on “Take two Resveratrols and call me in the morning ?

  1. Well, Stephanie, I think Artificial Intelligence agents merging with you is a phenomenon that is a bit further off than 2040. I won’t live that long or want to live that long.
    Life extension has to also involve savings extension and life-quality extension.

    As to meat and potatoes vs. calorie restriction, the two are not necessarily exclusive. However, the trick is to get the biochemical effects of calorie restriction without the need to actually restrict calories. There is some evidence that caloric restriction might only have to be nocturnal restriction. Therefore the ‘reverse lifestyle’ diet of ‘Eat like a King at breakfast, a Prince at lunch and a Pauper at dinner’ might be viewed as calorie restriction. Also the use of a melatonin supplement may yield the benefits of calorie restriction without actually cutting calories.

    I noted in the link to resvatrol discussion the comparison with fortified Spanish wines, well such wines are also high in spermidine, cadaverine and putriscine. And as far as wines and life extension goes, tannat grapes such as from the Ger region with the wine made in the traditional manner will bring you benefits without some of the drawbacks.

  2. Stephanie AI is “artificial intelligence”. Kurzweil suggests most of us will use AI agents in our bodies within decades and I agree. We already use technologies like spectacles and heart pumps to help us out – why not mental things?

    FG! If you don’t join up with AI who is going to post all the great comments at this blog in the year 3000?

    the trick is to get the biochemical effects of calorie restriction without the need to actually restrict calories

    Nicely put FG.

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