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Charity return on investment is important. Thanks World Vision!

There are a great number of groups doing a lot of good in the world, and I’m concerned that *something* in the way we process information about poverty and health needs in the developing world has made us far too … Continue reading

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Take two Resveratrols and call me in the morning ?

Noting the number of scams and bogus claims in the nutritional supplement biz I’m always reluctant to accept claims of new “wonder supplements”. However Resveratrol as a “life extension” really looks promising and seems to hold up to scrutiny the … Continue reading

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Millions die. Millions more wait to die. All due to our narrow and irrational focus. Man do we suck!

Another one for the “narrow focus kills millions” department: Wikipedia on Rotavirus Vaccines, which are improving and will save *millions* of people: An earlier vaccine, Rotashield by Wyeth-Ayerst, had to be taken off the market in the late 1990s after … Continue reading

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Dow’s Advertising … creepy or cool?

The DOW Chemical TV and internet ad campaign about “The Human Element” always strikes me as odd, though I think in some ways fits with my Dad’s excellent notion that advertising often talks about a company’s weaknesses as if they … Continue reading

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Ultrametabolism and PBS

PBS, which I tend to think of as a good filter to screen out hype, is pushing the “Ultrametabolism” book and CD by Dr. Hyman. I like his scientific approach, which assumes the obvious – humans are primates who evolved … Continue reading

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Almost 5000 dead and counting

No, not from the Indonesian earthquake – indeed a terrible tragedy. Global warming? Ha – not even the most alarmist proponents make this claim. Nope, not from terrorism, which tragically took perhaps 5 or even 10 lives today despite *trillions* … Continue reading

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People and/or/for/non Profit?

Time Magazine: Last month Gates-funded scientists announced that they had created the technology to manufacture artemisinic acid synthetically. Within five years, the cost of a lifesaving supply is expected to drop from $2.40 to 25 cents. Lead researcher Jay Keasling … Continue reading

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