SES San Jose – Jim Lanzone on Ask’s upcoming billion dollar search deal

ASK CEO Jim Lanzone was the first keynoter here at Search Engine Strategies San Jose, and Lanzone gave a lot of insightful answers to Chris Sherman’s excellent series of questions about ASK’s future in search and advertising.   A few highlights:

“It’s not a zero sum game” said Lanzone, noting their cooperation with Google in a 100,000,000 ad sponsorship deal and saying the next deal will be in the billions and could be with other players as well as Google.  

ASK 3d is leading to some interesting findings, esp. that 50% of the ASK 3d activity is not in the search listings portion.  Lanzone feels the sweet spot is in the “Collective Context” that billions of searches are bringing to the table now.    ASK’s new “Edison Algorithm” will seek to make sense of the maelstrom of data ASK has from their search property as well as the dozens of separate IAC online businesses.

“Search is now your co-pilot”, said Lanzone, and suggested that the value of search based ads is still very high compared to traditional media.  

Sherman noted that Lanzone’s “Etour” was similar to StumbleUpon.   Lanzone said it was before it’s time and was “Darwined out”.   No plans to revive it are pending. 

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