O.J. Simpson Charged

O. J. Simpson has just been charged with armed kidnapping after an incident at a Las Vegas Hotel  called the Palace Station.

No, I don’t usually blog about such stuff but this is another optimizing test.   This is only a test.  Do not be alarmed or fear that O.J. Simpson will come to your Las Vegas Hotel room.   For the next sixty seconds please ignore this test.

One of those with O. J. taped the fracas and it seemed clear from the tape that there were guns and the threat of violence.    O. J. Simpson appears to be  claiming he’s totally innocent of these charges and that it was all a misunderstanding between O.J. and the memoribilia dealer who had the Palace Station Hotel room.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogishness.

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6 Responses to O.J. Simpson Charged

  1. Private Eye says:

    The moral of this story? Regardless if O.J.s statement to the police was truthful, he was down right stupid. Regardless if in fact he had actual criminal ‘intent’ to commit a crime? The bottom line is ~

    If you don’t want the police involved, and desire a clandestine operation, investigation or a “sting operation;” Call the professionals. Call a Private Eye that has experience in undercover investigations, intelligence gathering and more importantly, sting operations. If this only requires the motel room phase; it would have still been very expensive. But it would have been a legal and much wiser long-term solution to his problem. O.J had a right to follow up on this lead (that his alleged stolen property was in this room.) But he should have NEVER been part of the process.

  2. C.J says:

    i got your invite and acceppted your profile for me, but for reason i can not get into the site??? i have no idea why..i was told to check my email address which was good. I want ed to thanyou for the invite and ask if you have any ideas why i can’t get in hun? I hope i can soon as i look forward ro chatting to you.xxxx

  3. JoeDuck says:

    C.J. Not sure what’s up – I set those up for several people and then they got an email from Yahoo and could change the profile. I’ll look into it…

  4. ifididitcom says:

    What O.J. Should have done was tip of Geraldo because Geraldo would have been all over that. He might have even asked O.J. for a spare helmet to protect his nose from flying chairs and other memorable memorabilia. When its all said and done, O.J. Simpson’s Las Vegas “commando raid” will be even more damaging than Britney Spears’.


  5. play games says:

    I had the O.J foot ball card
    and my dog ate it!! lol

    why is every one in love with him,any way?
    or love to hate the things we think he did or will do?

    oooo yea, he is not us.

  6. scotsavage says:

    Stay on top of the OJ Simpson Las Vegas Trail at http://www.OJTalk.com

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