Google Phone – gPhone’s Android is landing?

Google is *incredibly* good at keeping secrets, and the rumors of a new gPhone or Google Phone have been flying for some time.   However CNET’s Tom Krazit is reporting tonight that Google, on Monday, will unleash “Android”, an open source approach to mobile phones.     As they have with Open Social, Google will unveil an open source approach to development of mobile software.    How do you know it’s going to be good?    Google does not do bad software.   In fact the Apple iPhone’s most compelling feature – mapping – was driven by Google software.

As I noted before about  Google’s Phone ambitions this is another brilliant move which is clearly seeking to dominate the mobile advertising space rather than try to develop and market new hardware.   

Google’s mantra could not be clearer if it was listed on every home page on earth:  “Free software by anybody and for everybody.  Monetization by ….. Google.

2 thoughts on “Google Phone – gPhone’s Android is landing?

  1. Joe, in response to your comment ‘How do you know it’s going to be good? Google does not do bad software’, whilst I’m a big fan of the Mighty ‘G’ and use it on a daily basis, it is flawed in many aspects. As I said, I use it on a daily basis and in so many ways it’s great, but a first time venture for any company regardless of how much money they through at R&D, it will, by vertue of the beast, be flawed.
    PS. Those are some awesome photos of Canyon Creek!

  2. Cav you are right on. I got carried away up there. In fact the premature “launch” of Open Social, which is not yet launched – may be an example of how even Google screws up.

    Thx on the pix – that is an awesome place to hike!

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