Las Vegas – Frontier Hotel Demolition Video

This just in from the “only in Las Vegas” department.  

The New Frontier Hotel near the north end of the Las Vegas Strip   is demolished in a huge explosion preceded by a great fireworks display that mimics the pending destruction.   I think I have this right that the Frontier was the *last remaining* big hotel casinos from the second big surge of activity on the Las Vegas Strip.   First there were the original “rat pack” hotels like the original Tropicana  and original Frontier.    These were gradually replaced by hotels like the Sands, and New Frontier  (but not the current Tropicana?   I was there less than a year ago for Bodies – The Exhibition so I’m sure it’s still standing, but the current one must be a third generation Tropicana.   These in turn have been “replaced” – though not by destruction – by the mega hotels like MGM, Caesar’s Palace, the Mirage, TI, The Venetian, The Wynn, and the Bellagio.

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas – Frontier Hotel Demolition Video

  1. There are a variety of casinos that are on the ‘Death Watch’ list or else candidates for the ‘Serious Illness’ list.

    Some properties have been acquired in various corportate acquisitions and merger deals that make a particular casino viable if it were independently owned but less viable due to nearby corporate-owned properties.

    Some casinos are “small footprint” properties and are thought to be inadequate for mega casino themed-resorts or more valuable as future additions to adjoining properties. Parking and transportation can affect changes in casino valuation. People have often laughed at Slots o’ Fun or Casino Royale as unsuitable for The Strip but the owners have laughed all the way to the bank!

    The famed “Hell-Cortez” is being upgraded but if it were corporate owned it would probably be razed. Some casino properties in North Las Vegas are viewed as long-term investments awaiting a massive change in the neighborhood to be brought about by both economic investment and political activities regarding law enforcement and transportation decisions.

    Many hotel/casinos are viewing themselves as ‘golf resorts’ or ‘spas’ that happen to have casinos associated with them. Some hotel rooms are being designed as essentially ‘spa rooms’.

    Some casinos have always had reputations as challenging properties: the Stratosphere was viewed for a long time as being too remote but its been doing well despite all those lingering doubts about its location in the middle of nowhere. Many forget that the strip was originally just desert scrubland where casinos were built to escape the downtown area. Casinos act as magnets and often transition from attracting locals to attracting budget tourists to attracting wealthier tourists.

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