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John Stewart on ClimateGate

This is pretty funny, especially if you know the whole scoop. NOTE: Stewart correctly points out at the end that this does NOT debunk warming, it just “doesn’t look good”.

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Hulu Aliens Eat Boxee’s Brain had one of the best superbowl commercials, where the increasingly menacing and chubby Alec Baldwin explains Hulu’s plans for world domination as a brain-eating alien. I thought they were kidding and just pretending to be ruthless and menacing aliens. … Continue reading

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Google Adsense for Video, Google Health

Google is the big news today with two major product initiatives.    The first is Google’s entry into the health records management business with trial recordkeeping at a Cleveland hospital.   AP reports The second Google development is adsense for video, yet another attempt … Continue reading

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Yahoo Live … dies

Update:  Chad replies in comments below from the Yahoo Live team and I certainly agree that the rumors of the death of of Live were greatly exaggerated.   Yahoo strikes again with what looked like a neat application – live streaming video for everybody – but … Continue reading

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Current TV filing for $100,000,000 IPO. Initial PE ratio = infinity!

Today Current TV, with Al Gore a prominent investor, is filing for a big IPO.    But there is a problem.   They lost a lot of money “making” their 64 million in revenues last year.     Will they ever be profitable?  Global warming … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s Yang and Filo at CES

Yahoo’s Yang and Filo at CES Originally uploaded by JoeDuck One of the things I left out of my earlier David Filo interview post were the details of Jerry Yang’s talk, which I’d have to say was lackluster given the … Continue reading

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Trickles of web content to become floods, sweeping away the cable industry? Maybe.

Henry Blodget at Silicon Alley Insider has a good insight about the threat to cable from online feeds, which are now a trickle but could become a flood.    Blodget notes about the agreement between Yahoo and CNET: … cable companies, meanwhile, … Continue reading

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