CES 2012 please … wait … for …. me!

Well I should be reporting live from CES 2012 right now rather than the Medford Oregon Airport where fog kept me from leaving yesterday for CES Las Vegas, the world’s premier consumer electronics show held every January.

I was supposed to be reporting live over at our Retirement blog from this morning’s keynote at the Silvers Summit, the CES Venue for the intersection of retirement and technology.

If I DO ever manage to get out – we’re not going to make our new 9:15am departure – I’ll have a lot of new pictures and technology content a several of the blogs:

CES 2012 at Technology Report will be the main tech reporting from the conference.

CES 2012 at the Retire USA Retirement Blog will feature some of the technology of special interest to those over 50.   Over 50 is hardly a “senior” in my view, but that’s the cutoff for AARP and the Silvers Summit.   In fact I think we need a new name for those of us over 50 and I don’t think “seniors” or even “silvers” is really the right angle here.    What’s next, the “Ripe” generation?

I’ll also be posting a bit at Las Vegas Blog, LasVegas1.   I’m staying downtown at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas’ oldest venue at One Fremont Street.   Looking forward to the history as well as the relaxed feel of the downtown area, which has undergone a fair amount of rennovation and remodelling over the past decade in an effort by the downtown hotels to capture some of the shiny luster of the strip, which has been  “the” Las Vegas for most tourists for some time now.

Hardbat Classic Las Vegas – Please Bring it Back Budweiser!

Hardbat Classic Las Vegas – Eric Owens and Wally Green

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

As a table tennis enthusiast I’m hoping Bud Light brings back the Big Money Hard Bat Classic Hard Bat Table Tennis Tournament they had last year across the country, with a great finale tournament in Las Vegas and then shown on ESPN.

As a marketing guy I’m sensitive to the fact this may not have had the return on investment Bud had hoped for – probably because the early promotion was too spotty. Bud may not even have realized that offering 100,000 in first prize money *alone* would bring a huge number of excellent players into the mix even as they did realize that the severe handicapping and restricted paddles would pretty much guarantee that the winner would NOT be a great player, just a “good” one. [with apologies to Jack Baker, a tennis guy with a very good game who won the tournament because he was spotted up to 17 points in matches against better players].

I think the handicapping is a great idea, though I’d recommend Bud have *two* tournaments next time – one with handicaps and one with regular paddles and rules. “Real” Table Tennis is an amazing sport, and I think part of the reason the Hardbat Classic seemed to fail to attract as much attention as it should have was that the event worked hard to perpetuate the notion that it’s a “goofy” sport. I’m not too sensitive about this (and surprisingly even many of the greats in Table Tennis are very modest about their remarkable ability) , but the two-track approach would work better where you showcased “basement style” hardbat along with the blazing spin and speed of quality sponge rubber play. The $120,000 in prize money was chump change to Bud even as it was *by far* the largest prize in US Table Tennis history and one of the largest purses in the world for this low-money sport.

Summary for Bud Light’s Marketing Benefit:

* Hold another Hardbat Classic

* Begin promotions *now* via bars and Bud regional distributors, making sure their participation matched the size and scope of the venue. Last year I think many regionals opted out due to expense, so the Vegas event was “bigger” than the collective national events. Keep Vegas the same (it was great), but make sure the national scope is much bigger than last year, even if that takes more time to promote. If necessary cut costs by halving the Las Vegas convention venue and limiting the number of “free trips” – or perhaps initiate a modest “buy in” for participants. It’s cheap to get to Las Vegas and often cheap to stay there, so the impact of this does not require a large number of free trips for players. More prize money would probably have a higher ROI than free trips. Venue could have been half that size – I never saw all the tables in action and games could have been started and run much earlier.

* Change the online marketing to be a viral, social media rather than the centralized, very weak website with limited information as before.

* Enlist the help of the many Table Tennis clubs throughout the USA, perhaps with modest stipends to help promote / run the bar tournaments. Few players in California and Oregon (areas I know pretty well) knew about this tournament, and very few bars seemed very enthusiastic about an event that – if properly promoted – would bring them some business.

* HAVE TWO tournament tracks – Hardbat Classic’s “Ping Pong” and an open division with regular paddles and players from all over the world. Bud’s big in China now, so use this as a way to promote the brand there. Even a modest first prize of 25,000 in the elite division will bring players from all over the world and provide much better chance to bring in a lot more spectator / players who are going to be interested in seeing world class play.

Oh Hardbat Classic Where Art Thou?

It’s probably too late to see another Las Vegas Hardbat Classic in July from the folks at Bud Light, who last year sponsored Table Tennis’ biggest ever prize along with a huge national competition plus a very fine Las Vegas style tournament and parties.     But rumor has it that there might be one in Miami this year – perhaps in the fall.

Gossima, the Table Tennis blog, suggested Miami may be the next venue about six weeks ago http://www.gossima.info/2010/02/hardbat-classic-2010.html.   However I’ve heard nothing since even after contacting the Hardbat Classic via Twitter, Killerspin (a sponsor last year), and the tournament director by email.

If Bud is going to host this great touranment again I hope they’ll consider doing more with social media – at the very least keeping folks posted better about what’s going on.    I think a lot of potential buzz was missed last year because the tournament details were almost impossible to find online until late in the process.   In fact many probably didn’t find out until they watched the finals on ESPN months after the event.

Table Tennis is a “cool” sport everybody knows and plays, and Bud’s idea of pushing it into a new type of competitive realm with paddle and play restrictions is great – even for “real” tournament play where the paddles and play is both too good and too fast to ever attract a huge American TV audience.

Bud please bring on the Hardbat Classic!

Hardbat Classic Website

Hardbat Classic on Twitter

Hardbat Classic on Facebook

Joe Duck Hardbat Classic Coverage

Killerspin Hardbat used for the Hardbat Classic

A controversial new paddle made by Killerspin for the Hardbat Classic in Las Vegas made it very hard for many experienced players to compete effectively with each other or with the lower ranked players who often had a huge point advantage as well as the equipment handicap from making everybody use either the paddle shown here or an even cheaper “junk paddle” version.

Although I approve of the handicapping process I think they need some modifications to make a paddle that favors defender play , produces long, quality rallies rather than the short rallies this blade tended to create.   I only saw a handful of  “great points”  where we would have seen hundreds with regular sponge rubber.     I’d favor a modification that would introduce a USTTA approved hardbat and/or a sponge slow version.     Another approach might be to move to the “big ball” format which is much slower but does not destroy the fun of watching high quality loopers arc the ball back and forth many times.

Inexperienced and non- players want high quality play and this blade does not give us much of that, even when it is weilded by some of the finest players in the country as happened at the Hardbat Classic.


Table tennis will probably *never* be a good TV sport but it’s the world’s greatest participation sport and I think the focus needs to be on bringing people into the game rather than changing it to fit TV better.

Bud Light Hardbat Classic at The Venetian in Las Vegas

The Hardbat Classic Table Tennis Ping Pong rumors are not only true, they are truly Table Tennis and it’s going to be Vegas, baby!

I’ll be competing in the Bud Light Hardbat Classic which starts this Friday at the spectacular Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.   Top prize is … wait for it …  $100,000.00   That’s  enough money to pay the interest on our blossoming national debt for … well…. a couple of seconds.   But never mind that….

I’ll try to keep up with some real time reporting via Twitter or here at the blog, though this may depend on data access at the venue and my own good or bad luck in the tournament.

There will be about a thousand players of all skill levels competing – many after winning their regional bar tournaments held around the USA over the past several months.   Even though I won our local tournament it wasn’t a qualifier for the big one, so I’m making my own way there after they opened it up to everybody.

There are also brackets for a special group of “stars” chosen by the Hardbat Tournament, another for walk in players, and one for “pros” who have a rating or have played in USTTA tournaments over the years.     Although I haven’t played in tournaments recently I was actually the USTTA National Table Tennis Champ in the “1300” rating category  in 1992   (ratings in Table Tennis are kind of like handicapping in golf).

The Bud Tournament is “over handicapped” , meaning that the very best players will have to spot a lot of points to lower ranked players – as many as 17 out of 21.    My take on this tournament  is that it will tend to favor  unrated players who are very experienced with the “pips out” type of rubber required at the Hardbat Classic.

Hardbat Classic Official Website

The Venetian Hotel

Follow the Tournament on Twitter

Follow the Killerspin Team on Twitter

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Live from CES Las Vegas CES09 CES 2009

I’m live from the very comfortable Press Lounge at CES Las Vegas where journalists from all over the world are streaming in to cover the world’s largest and most influential Technology Show as well as the largest event of the year here in Las Vegas.   At 4pm at “CES Unveiled” several companies will be exhibiting and discussing their technology plans for 2009.

Most of my tech coverage will be over at Technology-Report.com where John will also be writing about CES and new gadgets though he won’t be here until Friday.

PepCom “Digital Experience” won’t allow many bloggers – this is Pepcom’s idea of promoting technology?

<begin whining rant>

Along with CNET’s David Berlind, I am not impressed at all with PepCom and felt compelled to write a bit about why I don’t think they are doing a good job promoting technology at their events which work by capturing attending press folks from  CES  Las Vegas and other technology events.

First, this is not a criticism of CES.  On the contrary if you a technology enthusiast heading to Las Vegas for CES 2009 I can say from my  experiences last year that you are going to have a wonderful time, especially if you are a tech blogger and thus qualify for the many fun parties and events where bloggers and other press folks are generally welcome.

Last year at CES 2008 the Consumer Electronics Association and sponsors did a wonderful job hosting blogger lounges, lunches, parties, and full access to conference sessions. Despite some prankish BS by the folks at Gizmodo I think most bloggers were happy with the arrangements.

PepCom’s Digital Experience on the other hand is not so blogger friendly, effectively refusing admission to all but full time press and reporters. Sure, they have a right to run their own show. However I have a right to call them for poor strategy and annoying rules. Why keep *any* technology bloggers out of a “Digital Experience” which is designed to generate positive buzz and reporting about their technology sponsors, who pay something like $8,000 and up for a table and a few hours of exposure to press folks?

Adding injury from last year to this year’s insult, I’d actually been invited last year by one of PepCom’s sponsors to the party but was turned away at the door along with many others who I think were in the same boat of having an invitation that was not approved by PepCom.    Aside from feeling insulted not to “qualify” for the event, it’s no small thing  in Las Vegas where you walk very long distances to get to places.   Given the confusion they’d helped cause with the problematic invitations they should have fixed this simply and quickly by offering admission.   But no.    I should have realized then that the PepCom Digital Experience was going to be a bad experience, but I decided to jump through their silly hoops this year and fax in my business card and blog information, especially because this year we’re really planning some extensive coverage at Technology-Report.com with two reporters, a lot of pictures, and even some video.    But no.   We did not meet some of PepCom’s stringent press standards of full time reporters and/or mainstream press.

Again, that’s OK – it’s their party and they can run it how they see fit, but ….

Who ARE these PepCommers anyway?   Certainly they are not folks who understand how technology gets reported and promoted.

<end whining rant>

Diana Ross, Jeopardy will be live at CES 2009

I’ll be reporting live again in January from CES 2009, the world’s biggest (and that means HUGE) and most influential Consumer Electronics Show.  The reports will mostly be over at Technology Report, my new technology blog project with a good friend of mine from California.

Pictured below is Noel Lee of Monster Cable, one of the music industry’s key players and host of one of CES hottest party tickets – the Monster Party.     Last year Mary J Blige gave an awesome concert after the Monster Retailer awards.


Jeopardy will be filming at CES as well, with 11 shows scheduled to be taped during the week of CES.    One of the challenges of an event this large is that you simply cannot see everything – there are thousands of exhibitors and events and sessions and the venue is so large it takes up all of the Las Vegas Convention Center and most of the Sands Convention Center.

CES Laptop Bag. Thanks Toshiba, but sad to see you left the show?

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck.
This great backpack from Toshiba, who was going to be out in force at CES to promote the HD-DVD standard, is a poignant reminder of how fast and furiously things change in the tech industry. Warner’s decision to go Blu-Ray was just yesterday but it’s already created a potential melt-down for HD DVD (Toshiba’s preferred and supported standard). Several HD-DVD folks have reported cancelled conference activities and events – but those are just rumors so far.

CES Exhibitor Profiles F-R

Booth: 73611
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: 3015.TW
Media Contact: Donson Lee
Phone: 909.606.0960 ext.1218
E-mail: donson.lee@fspgroupusa.com
Web: http://www.fspgroupusa.com

Founded in 1993, FSP Group, Taoyuan, Taiwan has rapidly grown into becoming a global power supplier, a publicly traded company listed on the Taiwan exchange (symbol: 30.15.Tw), with revenues exceeding $300 million usd. As one of the top-10 global power supply companies worldwide, FSP Group is the leading volume supplier of the desktop PC ATX power supply. In recent years, FSP group has expanded its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to becoming one of the major power conversion suppliers of adapters, industrial PCs, servers, LCD monitors, and LCD | plasma TVs, partnering with many strategic manufacturers.

Company: Furutech
Booth: Venetian 30-112
Media Contact: Jonathan Scull
Phone: 212.807.0519
E-mail: jscull@scullcommunications.com
Web: http://www.scullcommunications.com
Furutech Co., Ltd. manufactures analog and digital audio and video cable and accessories, makes a wide variety of high performance 15A and 20A A/V cable and power connectors and parts, as well as distribution/filtering products like the new TransPower One, Power6, e-TP44, e-TP80 and e-TP609 power distributors and filters, plus the award-winning deMag Disc and Cable Demagnetizer, the deStat fan-driven Balanced Ion Drive device for totally eliminating static from LPs and CDs, lightweight and stylish FRD Room Diffusion Panels, PC-2 Disc Pure Cleaner, and their own very special NANO Liquid Contact Enhancer, plus many more fine cable and OEM products.
Company: Gefen
Booth: 20344 South Hall
Media Contact: Linda Morgan
Phone: 818.534.8254
E-mail: linda@gefen.com
Web: http://www.gefen.com
From a new Gefen TV line to HDMI v1.3 solutions, Gefen has a wide selection of solutions that can help the professional installer and the home user. The Gefen TV line includes two versions of a Personal Video Recorder (SD and HD), an HDMI signal generator for authenticating HDTV, an Audio Processor and a new HDTV Scaler Pro to guarantee true 1080P performance. Gefens HDMI v1.3 solutions promise easy system integration, signal extension and signal delivery over fiber, copper and CAT-5 cables with new systems that use coax cable, VGA cables and HD over IP.
Company: Golla Ltd
Booth: South Hall 4 / 36631
Media Contact: Jessi Koivukoski
Phone: 358-40-5792771
E-mail: jessi.koivukoski@golla.fi
Web: http://www.golla.com
Golla is the original brand specializing in fashionable bags for portable electronics.
Golla has taken the world by storm with a unique idea – bringing stylish bags into the world of technology. Golla has created a category that has attracted fans in over 100 countries worldwide, selling in total of 13 million bags to date.
Golla thrives on a continuous flow of innovation that includes biannual collection changes and product launches. This process has produced stylish and globally relevant bags for all kind of electronics from mobile phones to laptops. Golla bags are known for their wide array of colors, funky prints and good quality. Golla strives to become the most desirable brand of fashionable bags for portable electronics – not only within the industry, but for everybody around the world.
Company: Hearing Components
Booth: 36906
Media Contact: Steven Thompson
Phone: 651 739 9427
E-mail: sthompson@hearingcomponents.com
Web: complyfoam.com
As a result of extensive research on noise reduction and the ear canal, Hearing Components began designing and manufacturing unique products to improve the sound quality of personal audio devices. The patented foam technology has been applied to a number of consumer electronics products, to help the listener immerse themselves in music. The technology channels pure sound into the ear while filtering unwanted noise.
In addition to consumer electronics, the technology is currently used in hearing aids, military communication, commercial aviation and earsets where communication is critical in industrial high noise environments. Hearing Components is located in Oakdale, Minnesota.
Company: Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Booth: 58000 Hilton
Media Contact: Kelly Ma
Phone: (213) 622-3194
E-mail: kelly.hl.ma@tdc.org.hk
Web: http://www.tdctrade.com
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is organizing the Hong Kong Pavilion at CES, January 7-10, 2008, which will be located at booth 58000 in the Las Vegas Hilton. The spacious Pavilion will feature 95 Hong Kong companies with a dazzling array of new products.
HKTDCs award-winning website http://www.tdctrade.com provides a free business matching global database which includes hundreds of consumer electronic manufacturers and import / export agents located throughout Hong Kong, the Mainland and greater Asia. Premier Connect, HKTDC’s comprehensive affordable fee-based service, streamlines the process and guesswork of business matching. Please visit http://www.premierconnect.tdctrade.com for more details.
Company: Icon Enterprises International Inc.
Booth: North 3202
Media Contact: Claudio Laraia
Phone: 718-752-9764
E-mail: http://www.IconEnterprises@aol.com
Web: http://www.IconTV.com
Icon Enterprises International is the leading hi-End choice for Automotive and Pro Audio/Video Resellers world-wide. With IconTV “The World’s Most Award Winning A/V Company” and Critical MASS maker of The woofer by which all others will be Judged” & “the world’s first ultra high-end” Car Audio system ($259,000) Speed-Channels best of SEMA, ICON Enterprises is the leader in High-End Mobile Audio/Video. ICON is 100% devoted to making the Best/Most advanced and most profitable custom installation products for our Elite/Exclusive Authorized Dealer Network.
Brand Names:
ICON, Critical MASS, Icon TV, MASS Engineering, ICON Dealer Services, ZYNNERGY, IconTV, SVC-X
http://www.CriticalMASSaudio.com http://www.IconTV.com http://www.SVC-X.com.
Company: ILY Enterprise, Inc.
Booth: 71946-Sands Con. Ctr
Media Contact: Robert Aguilera
Phone: 562.801.2888
E-mail: robert@ily.com
Web: http://www.ily.com
ILY Enterprise, Inc. established in 1995, is a pioneer in advanced disc duplication systems. ILY Enterprise, Inc. is continually developing new technology and currently offers an extensive product line including stand-alone CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray/ Lightscribe duplication systems, autoloaders, printers, shredders, duplicator controllers, cases and other related products. As a leader in the duplication industry, ILY Enterprise is never satisfied with providing me too technology and is always working on developing new and innovative technologies that will allow customers to enjoy the most advanced duplication equipment available. Technologically advanced products coupled with outstanding customer service is our mission!
Company: InPlay Technologies, Inc.
Booth: Sands 73439
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NPLA – NASDAQ
Media Contact: Heather Beshears
Phone: (480) 586-3357
E-mail: heather@inplaytechnologies.com
Web: http://www.inplaytechnologies.com
InPlay Technologies is a developer of innovative human interface devices for electronic products. The company’s FinePoint division offers the only digital-based pen-input solution for the rapidly growing mobile computing market. With InPlays digital technology, OEMs have an almost limitless roadmap for development of new features and functions for their product designs. The Companys Duraswitch® brand of electronic switch technologies couples the friendly tactile feedback of mechanical pushbuttons and rotary dials with the highly reliable, thin profile of membrane switches enabling OEMs to create ergonomic, space saving input panels for a wide range of applications.
Company: Jaton Corp.
Booth: Venetian 30-315
Media Contact: George Cheng
Phone: 408-942-9888
E-mail: george@jaton.com
Web: http://www.jatonhp.com
Jaton will launch new Operetta AP2300A, a class A power amplifier and Lyra HD-661DX Hi-Fi speaker in Venetian Hotel Suite 30-315, Las Vegas, at the CES 2008.
The AP2300A amplifier is designed into a 300 Watts x 2 Channel. It has the same noise deduction circle as the AP2140A/AP5140A, which was debuted at the CES 2007, getting a lot of positive feedbacks from all the auditors, who had listened to its performance.
The AP2300A will retail for less US$ 5000.00 and HD-661DX will retail for US$ 1600.00 each pair and ready to deliver after CES 2008.
Company: KEF Audio
Booth: Hilton Suite 330-337
Media Contact: Scott Moody
Phone: 954-925-1511
E-mail: scott@marketingmatters.net
Web: http://www.kef.com
KEF Audio, a division of GP Acoustics, is a UK-based company that has earned a reputation as the premier manufacturer of stunning, audiophile-quality speakers for modern home theater, hi-fi and custom installation applications. KEF products, distributed world-wide, have won awards on both sides of the Atlantic.
Founded in 1961 by British electrical engineer Raymond Cooke KEF is driven by a passionate belief in the power of innovation and quality. KEF remains passionate about its patented, proven technologies such as Uni-Q® and ACE®. These characteristics, traditions and, above all, quality, secure KEF’s reputation as a world class manufacturer of the worlds best speakers.
Company: Kinyo / Artdio Company Inc.
Booth: 9034
Media Contact: Soo Huay Chia
Phone: 626-333-3711 ext116
E-mail: soo@kinyo.com.
Web: http://www.kinyo.com
Kinyo Company designs, manufactures, and markets Audio Sound Systems along with Video Accessories. Kinyo has proudly achieved the ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001 certifications plus ROHS, WEEE and the Green Partner certification. Recently Kinyo introduced the ARTDIO brand name with its most innovative and cutting edge product line called The SOUND DREAMS Series. Known for supplying a broad range of products under its Kinyo and now Artdio brand name the Kinyo Company has created multiple alliances with retailers and major OEM accounts. As always Kinyos mission is to develop quality products with creative designs at an affordable cost.
Company: KoamTac, Inc.
Booth: 72047
Media Contact: Alexandra Bukeeva
Phone: 609-734-4335
E-mail: alex@koamtac.com
Web: http://www.koamtac.com
KoamTac, Inc., located at Sands Expo 72047, is engaged in developing Auto Identification solutions, including Barcode data collectors, Barcode/GPS sled and car cradles for Samsung smartphones, and Barcode modules. KPC600/718 Barcode/GPS sled and car cradles with Samsung smartphones provide the richest Industrial PDA features including Mobile 6.0, CDMA/GSM/UMTS/HSDPA, Barcode, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and FM Transmitter. KDC100/200 are the worlds smallest data collectors with bright OLED display, Li-polymer rechargeable battery, large data storage, diverse connectivity to the host including Bluetooth/USB/Serial, and synchronization/wedge software. KoamTac is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. Please visit http://www.koamtac.com for more information.
Company: Laipac Technology Inc.
Booth: Sands 72156
Media Contact: Diego Lai
Phone: 905-7621228
E-mail: diego.lai@laipac.com
Web: http://www.laipac.com
Laipac Technology Inc. is a located in Canada and is Leader in Vehicle and Personal Tracking Devices. Our strong R&D Expertise and Just-in-Time Market Services have earned our company a spot as one of the 50 leaders to watch by GPS World magazine.
Laipac is currently exporting products to 80 countries and have four Branches.
Laipac is launching the S-911 Bracelet Locator for real time tracking at CES show in 2008. Our S-911 Bracelet Locator is high security GSM/GPRS device with GPS built in. Its a handy tool for Security/Parole. The user can track the device in real-time on http://www.LocationNow.com
Company: Leggett & Platt
Booth: Central Plaza, C4
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: LEG
Media Contact: Mary Leigh Wallace
Phone: (336) 307-9340
E-mail: mwallace@rlfcommunications.com
Web: http://www.leggett.com
Leggett & Platt is a Fortune 500 diversified manufacturer that conceives, designs and produces a variety of engineered components and products found in virtually every home, office, retail store and automobile. The company serves a broad suite of customers that comprise a “Who’s Who” of U.S. manufacturers and retailers. The 125-year-old firm is composed of 28 business units, 31,000 employee-partners, and over 300 facilities in over 20 countries.
On January 7th, Leggett will unveil Starry Night, the worlds smartest bed, at CES- a bed that incorporates diagnostic and entertainment technologies to create an intelligent, comfortable and truly intuitive sleep environment.
Company: Lenexpo Electronics
Booth: Sands Expo 73728
Media Contact: Khoi Pham
Phone: 408-954-8782 x116
E-mail: kpham@lenexpo-electronics.com
Web: http://www.lenexpo-electronics.com
Lenexpo Electronics is one of the largest suppliers of audio video and computer accessories since 1999. It started with a small group of engineers which decided to bring the finest quality, design, and ease of use to the Audio and Video world.
Dont forget that price also makes a difference-with all the new technology you can easily spend a fortune. Lenexpo established a two way relationship with leading manufactures and are able to offer you the greatest pricing due to a large inventory.
Company: Liquid Image / Zocker Toys LLC
Booth: IP 233
Media Contact: Melanie Pearson
Phone: (916) 698-6097
E-mail: melanie@liquidimageco.com
Web: http://www.liquidimageco.com
Liquid Image, LLC is headquartered in Sacramento California with an international sales office in Hong Kong. Liquid Image began in 2002 as Zocker Toys with a company name change in December 2007, to reflect the expansion into electronics and sporting goods with innovative products that include the Underwater Digital Camera Mask. Liquid Image is a manufacturer and distributor of Electronics, Sport, Water, Game and Toy products. Liquid Image continues to grow internationally through distributors who market Liquid Image products to countries around the world. Liquid Image products are based around entertainment for kids and adults who lead an active lifestyle.
Company: Loiminchay Audio
Booth: Ven. Bassano 2705
Media Contact: Jonathan Scull
Phone: 646.369.3340
E-mail: jscull@scullcommunications.com
Web: http://www.scullcommunications.com
Loiminchay Audio, manufacturers of luxuriously-crafted, extreme performance limited-edition speakers for the connoisseur, introduce their startling product line at CES08. Artisan-crafted from shaped solid layers of Birch MultiPly, theyre bored out and finished inside and out with sixteen coats of the finest lacquer. Loiminchay speakers are designed in New York by Loiminchays owner Patrick Chu, and lovingly crafted in China. The dedicated teams in his atelier function together in harmonious workgroups, fusing the work of designers, engineers and craftspeople at the same location. Everyone there is a connoisseur in their field turning out gorgeous sounding, richly luxurious speakers.
Company: LumiSource, Inc.
Booth: South Hall 25614
Media Contact: Jessica Wuellner
Phone: 847-699-8988
E-mail: jessica@lumisource.com
Web: http://www.boomchair.com or http://www.lumisource.com
LumiSource, Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the expanding line of BoomChair multimedia furniture. Plug into the revolution of the BoomChair . Surround yourself with the video games, music, and movies you love. With the latest technology and high-tech designs, these chairs will take your gaming experience to the next level. Perfect for any game room or home theater. BoomChairs combine features like wireless speaker technology, spine-tingling vibration, and sound-responsive light effects to create many unique, exclusive designs. LumiSource, Inc. also carries an assortment of fun audio products and home decor.
Company: Maxell Corporation of America
Booth: 12506
Media Contact: Donna Austi
Phone: 212-798-9788
E-mail: donna_austi@cohnwolfe.com
Web: http://www.maxell.com
Maxell Corporation of America, a technology and marketing leader, is a full line manufacturer of digital media products for consumer, professional and data storage markets. Maxell is a recognized brand for over thirty years that delivers a comprehensive line of digital tape and disc-based recording media products for consumer audio, video, camcorder and data storage applications. The company also has a full line of electronics care, maintenance, and accessory products including headphones, plasma TV cleaners, and iPod/MP3 peripherals such as chargers, skins and speakers. http://www.maxell.com
Company: Mediaport Entertainment
Booth: LVCC Central 12533
Media Contact: Krysty Ronchetti
Phone: 818.231.2090
E-mail: krysty@sjcommunications.com
Web: http://www.mediaport.com
Mediaport® Entertainment, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is the world’s leader in digital media kiosks. Mediaports MediaATM® offer a full service solution that brings the ability to sell digital on demand products in a retail environment. The point-of-sale kiosks and it’s software operating systems are currently operating in military bases, travel locations, video shops, and music stores in Asia, Australia,UK and the U.S. Mediaport’s customers can purchase up to a million tracks of music from a MediaATM® by burning CDs or digitally downloading media to a USB storage devices, phones, flash cards and “Play for Sure” MP3 players in minutes.
Company: MOREL
Booth: 2039 & Suite 29-321
Media Contact: Shelley Alperovich
Phone: 972 8 930 1160
E-mail: shelley@morel.co.il
Web: http://www.morelhifi.com
2008 is going to be huge year for Morel, the award-winning manufacturer of speakers and audio drivers since 1975!
Don’t miss Morels new audiophile lines at CES:
Car Audio Component Speaker of the Year, and new quality subwoofers.
See the entire line at LVCC North Hall booth 2039
Home Audio Introducing Fat Lady– Morels new superspeaker, audiophile inwalls, and new sub/sat systems.
See and hear them at the Venetian Tower Suite 29-321
Sold in over 55 countries worldwide, Morel speakers are the choice of many of the biggest names in the music industry.
Check out http://www.morelhifi.com to learn more.
Company: Mvix(USA), Inc. – http://www.mvixusa.com
Booth: 25162 (South Hall-2)
Media Contact: Mr. Mike Mallon
Phone: 866-310-4923 xtn 803
E-mail: mmallon@mvixusa.com
Web: http://www.mvixusa.com
MvixUSA is dedicated to the use of unique, innovative technology toward enhancing hi-definition (1080p) multimedia entertainment. Founded in 2005, MvixUSA has rapidly grown into a leading provider of Hard Disk-based Media Centers and Home-theater PCs. Our flagship product line has revolutionized the storage, portability and accessibility of DRM-free media content. With a versatile line of portable audio and video products for use at home, on the road and in business environments, MvixUSA caters to multimedia enthusiasts who value quality, style and a technology-enabled lifestyle. Our brand is intended to make life easier and more enjoyable.
Company: NAVIGON
Booth: North Hall, 6011
Media Contact: Todd Witkemper
Phone: 312-233-1369
E-mail: todd.witkemper@edelman.com
Web: http://www.experiencenavigon.com
Founded in 1991, NAVIGON is one of the worlds leading providers of navigation products and software solutions. NAVIGON has developed many industry firsts, including the worlds first dynamic personal GPS product in 1996. NAVIGON successfully launched its family of branded personal navigation devices in Fall, 2007. The award-winning NAVIGON 2100, NAVIGON 5100 and NAVIGON 7100 units introduced robust, exclusive feature-sets to the navigation market. NAVIGON also develops software solutions for OEM customers operating in personal navigation, wireless, and automotive sectors. NAVIGON employs more than 300 people worldwide with offices in Asia, Europe and North America.
Company: NDS
Booth: Murano Suite 3201
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NNDS
Media Contact: Tracey Sheehy
Phone: (212) 616-6003
E-mail: tsheehy@breakawaycom.com
Web: http://www.nds.com
As television technologies continue to converge, NDS is illustrating exactly how beneficial that convergence can by providing a full home environment that demonstrates true mobility for content. NDS will show content moving from a set-top box to a PC and then outside to mobile devices, using NDS VideoGuard for content protection and NDS MediaHighway, the TV operating system”, for advanced application development. Using these technologies, NDS enables broadcasters and content providers to expand their business rules and revenue opportunities by offering security and interoperability for a variety of devices. NDS will be exhibiting at the Venetian Hotel, Murano Suite 3201.
Company: Nero, Inc.
Booth: Booth 36226
Media Contact: Tim Polakowski, McGrath/Power PR
Phone: 408-727-0351
E-mail: timp@mcgrathpower.com
Web: http://www.nero.com
Nero is a leading provider of digital multimedia solutions for the personal computer, consumer electronics, and mobile industries. Focused on developing technologies for digital media creation and playback, Nero provides applications, codecs, tools, software development kits, and programming interfaces for use with a variety of platforms and devices. Over 270 million units of Neros award-winning software solutions have been distributed globally.
Nero distributes products through hardware manufacturers, international partners, retailers, and through http://www.nero.com. Nero is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany and serves the world with regional offices in Karlsbad, Germany (EMEA); Glendale, California (Americas); Yokohama, Japan (APAC); and Hangzhou, China (China).
Company: NFC Forum
Booth: NFC Zone-Sands 73825
Media Contact: Ruth Cassidy
Phone: 1.781.876.6239
E-mail: rcassidy@virtualmgmt.com
Web: http://www.nfc-forum.org
The NFC Forum, http://www.nfc-forum.org, was launched as a non-profit industry association in 2004 by leading mobile communications, semiconductor and consumer electronics companies. The Forum advances the use of Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology. The Forum’s 145 global member companies currently are developing specifications for a modular NFC device architecture, and protocols for interoperable data exchange and device-independent service delivery, device discovery, and device capability.
NFC Zone Exhibitors demonstrating NFC applications include: Innovision R&D, Inside Contactless, Nokia, NXP, Parrot, SCM Microsystems, Toppan Forms and Visa International.
Company: NTI (NewTech Infosystems Inc)
Booth: N 6634MP
Media Contact: Andy Marken
Phone: C – 408-390-0002
E-mail: andy@markencom.com
Web: http://www.ntius.com
NewTech Infosystems (NTI) is introducing new eye-popping Media Maker 8 — a super cool, super easy all-in-one digital creativity suite for sharing and creating videos, photos, music, data and more. New NTI Dragon Suite — The Mac solution that includes NTI Dragon Burn, Dragon FliX and NTI Shadow all in a single, value-packed solution. Backup Now 5 — effortless backup/archiving/migration/recovery of all your content, all the time. Network, desktop, notebook…it handles it all. The company is a leading developer of powerful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use software for CD and DVD recording. Today, NTIs CD/DVD burning engine has an installed base of 80 million users worldwide
Company: OmniMount
Booth: Hard Rock Hotel
Media Contact: Elaine Palladino
Phone: 954-925-1511
E-mail: elaine@marketingmatters.net
Web: http://www.omnimount.com
For nearly 30 years, OmniMount has upheld its position as a global leader by continually evolving the category through product innovation. Represented worldwide in 62 countries, OmniMount products have been recognized for groundbreaking design, high quality and long-term reliability. Thanks in part to the companys in-house industrial design and engineering team (ID&E), precise attention to detail and quality control standards are built into every product, producing the most breakthrough and well-built products on the market. Today, the OmniMount product line features hundreds of mounting solutions that cover the demands of nearly every application
Company: Otter Products, LLC. (OtterBox)
Booth: South Hall 4, 35124
Media Contact: Kristin Golliher
Phone: 970-493-8446
E-mail: kristin.golliher@otterbox.com
Web: http://www.otterbox.com
Founded in 1996, Otter Products, LLC. is a leader in the design and production of cases to protect technology and valuables. At CES 2008, OtterBox will display the latest cases for Apple® iPods and iPhones, BlackBerry® and Treo smartphones, laptops, PDAs, Tablet PCs and other devices! With two new lines, the completely interactive, semi-rugged Defender Series to protect from dust, dirt and drops, and the rugged, interactive Armor Series to safeguard from water and other elements, OtterBox is ready for any adventure! Visit us online at http://www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.
Company: Pinnacle Systems
Booth: S3 – 31753
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: AVID
Media Contact: Andy Marken
Phone: C – 408-390-0002
E-mail: andy@markencom.com
Web: http://www.pinnaclesys.com
Pinnacle Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avid Technology, Inc., is an industry leader in video editing solutions, TV tuners for the PC and digital media adapters for the consumer market. The company is introducing a complete family of USB PCTV units for free over-the-air HD/SD TV, new content servers to move radio, TV, whatever around the house effortlessly and new PC-less way to capture video to any USB device including your iPod…Smartphone…iPhone…Zune…new things unveiled at the show. The company will also highlight Studio 11 personal video production solutions. All the tools needed to quickly, easily for SD/HD content capture, edit, produce, store, share, really enjoy special moments, memories
Company: PlumChoice
Booth: Sands 70146MP
Media Contact: Kim Miller
Phone: 6170610-0583
E-mail: kmiller@tieronepr.com
Web: http://www.plumchoice.com
PlumChoice is the leader in providing 24/7 online PC services for home and small business. Selected by more Fortune 500 companies to deliver online PC services to their customers than anyone, PlumChoice is the safe choice to solve your technology issues with the industry’s highest-rated techs ready to solve, guide, and train you, whenever and wherever you need it – right over the Internet. PlumChoice allows our customers to immediately schedule the friendly, reliable support that has landed us the coveted Laptop and PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards. PlumChoice services are available online and through Circuit City stores, Firedog and EarthLink.
Company: PowerUP Games, Inc.
Booth: 25311
Media Contact: Brad Baker
Phone: 310-594-3464
E-mail: info@powerupgames.com
Web: PowerUPGames.com
PowerUP Games gives developers tools to Make Better Games! Whether its Marketing, Customer Information or Support, or Playability Testing. Developers can enlist an army of students to help with their title, concept or art. Build a great title, not just another mediocre knock off.
PowerUp Games gives Game Enthusiasts the opportunity to participate directly in the video game industry. Whether you want a hobby or find out what its like to ship a great title, PowerUP Games is there to provide the opportunity, build your resume and give you the real world experience you need to land that first job.
Company: PUCC / JETRO
Booth: Sands 70638
Media Contact: Anh Nguyen
Phone: 415-392-1333 x231
E-mail: anh_nguyen@jetro.go.jp
Web: http://www.pucc.jp/en/index.html
PUCC (Peer-to-peer Universal Computing Consortium), a non-profit organization, develops common overlay network technologies to seamlessly connect various devices and networks such as cell phones, home appliances, security devices, digital cameras, printers and healthcare devices. PUCC protocol allows users to easily connect different types of networks devices without changes to existing ones or installation of additional software. PUCC is composed of 25 hi-tech companies and universities including Ericsson, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electronics, Epson, and Keio University.
Using devices with the PUCC software, users can view images from a home security camera, control a robot or get instant medical information of patients through a mobile phone. PUCC software modules are available to member companies to develop new PUCC capable devices.
Company: Pyramat
Booth: Booth 21926, LVCC
Media Contact: Tracy Garcia
Phone: 323.988.4662
E-mail: pyramat@carryonpr.com
Web: http://www.pyramat.com
Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Pyramat manufactures and distributes game enhancing devices. The company is primarily known for its sound embedded game seats, which bring precise audio and comfort to gamers, along with the ability to feel the action. Founded in 1999, Pyramat won the Tech TV Best of CES 2003 – Gaming award for its PM300i Sound Lounger. The deluxe, wireless PMX Sound Rocker was awarded the runner-up to Best of CES 2005 Audio/Video. Pyramat products are available at most major retailers. More information on Pyramat can be found at http://www.pyramat.com.
Booth: 6532MP
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: QUIK
Media Contact: Andrea Veganayagam
Phone: 408-990-4035
E-mail: andrea@quicklogic.com
Web: http://www.quicklogic.com
QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) is the inventor and pioneer of innovative, customizable semiconductor solutions for mobile and portable electronics OEMs and ODMs. These silicon plus software solutions are called Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs). CSSPs enable our customers to bring their products to market more quickly and remain in the market longer, with the low power, cost and size demanded by the mobile and portable electronics market. For more information about QuickLogic and CSSPs, visit http://www.quicklogic.com.
Company: Remote Control Systems, Inc
Booth: 22060
Media Contact: Ricky Jordan, ricky@rcssolution.com
Phone: 714 671-7850
E-mail: info@rcssolution.com
Web: http://www.rcssolution.com
Remote Control Systems is a leading manufacturer of wireless input, control, and navigation devices. Our mission is to provide a time and cost effective alternative to in-house and traditional remote control vendors developing products faster and at more competitive prices, to meet the increasingly competitive conditions in Cable, Satellite, and Consumer Electronics markets.
Developing remotes for the vast home automation needs, RCS provides quality and excellence which vendors are proud to stamp their name on.
Our latest in RF technology, the TSR800: http://www.rcssolution.com/ptsr800.html
Our water-proof remote, the http://www.rcssolution.com/pwater.html
Company: Rhonda Ltd.
Booth: Sands 73731
Media Contact: Maxim Pismak
Phone: 7-4232-303-500
E-mail: info@rhonda.vl.ru
Web: http://www.rhonda.ru
Russian Outsourcing R&D company. Has over 12 years of experience in software development, supplying American and Asian markets. Rhonda has been certified as SEI CMM Level 4 organization. Expert in mobile software platforms. Application and protocol development for embedded RTOS. Deep knowledge of open and proprietary communication and multimedia standards. Company provides advanced technology solutions in embedded software development for mobile devices.
Company: Ritek Corp.
Booth: South Hall 3 -31477
Media Contact: Denise Starbird
Phone: 909-861-2269
E-mail: info@ritekusa.com
Web: http://www.ritekusa.com
Advanced Media, Inc. is a subsidiary of RITEK Corporation, the world’s largest optical media manufacturer. Headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, Advanced Media is the sole North and South American marketer and distributor of RIDATA brand CD/DVD media and other electronic storage media.
RIDATA brand products include: Blu-Ray DVD, HD DVD series, DL DVD-R/R, DVD/-R/RW, CD-R/RW, flash memory cards, USB EZ Drives(tm), SSD and digital media accessories.
Ritek is known for innovation, quality, and unparalleled consistency. Its ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, OHSAS 18001, and EPAs Green Mark certification prove RITEK’s commitment to the environment and quality products.