Evil Adsense Publisher 3443918307802676

Some of my old posts here at WordPress started showing ads, which was odd since I didn’t put any ads up. At first I thought JoeDuck.com had been hacked, but it now appears this is a form of Internet Explorer browser malware that is injecting advertising into the code as you surf. I prefer Firefox to Explorer but the laptop is not working well with Firefox – I think a almost-full-disk memory issue but I don’t want to mess with it now.

SEO Roundtable has a discussion of another WP blog with this problem and the adsense publisher code is the same as in my problem. That’s an old discussion so this probably infects a lot of IE browsers out there by now.

I’m wondering if I should be annoyed with Google for not having a system in place to alert people when they are getting adsense hijacked? Google must know about this WP exploit, and since the code would alert them why can’t they have an automated routine to warn me? Perhaps they can’t ID my compromised machine via an email address? They almost certainly deleted this publisher by now … right? Better email Mr. Adsense himself, Shuman.

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