Elf Yourself

This just in from the “Seasonality matters” department:   My Elf Yourself post of about 11 months ago has risen to the top of the list of viewed posts even though it’s old and not particularly insightful.

Elf Yourself is Office Max’s very clever (or very annoying, depending on your mood) animation routine that lets you upload a picuture of your face and paste it on an elf which dances around. 

2 thoughts on “Elf Yourself

  1. It is a great site when it’s working properly, but right now it’s not. Too bad, I loved it. Are there any more similar sites. Remember when you went to the carnival and stood behind their props with your face in the cutouts to have your picture made. Is there anything available for that? Any ideas? Surely some of you gurus can come up with something.

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