The Donny Deutsch Experiment

Hey, my Donny Deutsch post, part of our SEO Experiment series here at Joe Duck, is now at #12 worldwide as we move into CES.   What?  a few hours after this post I dropped to 34 – not sure wazzup. OK, now back to 12 minutes later – may just have been a server shuffle thing or my mistake …   My goal is to get into the top three sites for the query “Donny Deutsch” although Google’s quirkiness could make this tricky to do before next week. I think I’ll rise over time thanks to the incoming links and the inordinate amount of Donny Deutsch attention here at the blog, but normally you’d try to rise to the top over many months and not a few weeks. However “Donny Deutsch” is not a highly competitive term so I’ll have a shot here.  Though Donny Deutsch is is a fairly heavily searched name due to Donny’s excellent TV show “The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch”, his bombastic style and his ability to pony up $200,000,000 without going into debt.\

What?  You are looking for the Donny Deutsch Big Idea CES website?   Here it is!

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