CES 2008: Hemp Webcams!

CES 2008: Hemp Webcams!

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

This one got a double take from me so I thought a picture would work better than a description. Turns out the company makes high end personal webcams in designer colors like wood, steel, and … hemp?

It’s probably an oversimplification, but CES is almost divided into two camps of companies – perhaps a few hundred global players like Intel, Microsoft, GM who spend hundreds of thousands if not millions advertising and partying and working at this show and getting most of the press buzz, combined with thousands of little players from all over the world. Part of the CES appeal to those folks – who get very little media attention – is that they can meet with suppliers and buyers and presumably learn about the latest in their industry as well.

The diversity is staggering here – from concept cars to robot lawn mowers to ipod cases. From junk to the latest good stuff.

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