CES 2008 South Hall Convention Center

CES 2008 South Hall Convention Center

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

Several companies here have video screen glasses and I’ve tried a few of them. Not impressed so far although I did not try the total immersion gaming specs that might make some sense.

I think this technology is simply not ready for prime time. I’m not convinced we are designed to pull information in this fashion – part of the reason the glasses tend to have about a 40 degree field of view “screen” rather than full view, which can create motion sickness. None appeared to connect to internet (via smartphone seems simplest) although this would not be a big deal and we’ll see it soon. I think I’d rather watch a tiny ipod screen than wear these – but maybe it’s just me? Fashion seems to be important to the mass market, but I’m not convinced people really *want* this techology – do they?

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