Death by Google

My Airport Codes Website, , was completely removed from the Google index last month.   Not at all clear why and I’m hoping it’s just a a fluke.    The site was very stable and although it was somewhat uninspired it offered airport code and other information on about 9000 airports.     Google traffic has become so critical to a website’s success that without Google a site is generally almost “dead” in terms of traffic and revenues.

The site had enough sloppy construction and odd duplication across directories – problems that I had simply left intact after taking it over several years ago – that there could be hundreds of reasons the index didn’t like the site, but usually Google reserves a complete deletion like this for a major transgression against Google guidelines.    

I’ve posted questions over at the Google forum and the answers should be interesting.  

3 thoughts on “Death by Google

  1. Google forum ??????

    Any response from Google or Google-gazers yet?

    Is lack of editorial content a detraction because it makes Google-types think the site is spam indexed. So someone searching for ‘airport codes’ might be lead to very little content if there is just a list of airport codes. Ofcourse that might be all that was desired, but it is reminiscent of spamdexing the word ‘surfboard’ to get a high ranking. Google might suppress a listing of airport codes because there is nothing there but airport codes. Tyranny of the market leader’s narrow minded minions.

  2. “Google traffic has become so critical to a website’s success that without Google a site is generally almost “dead” in terms of traffic and revenues.”

    The state should seize Google (and other Silicon Wally corporations), appropriate the assets and funds of the leading executives to assist with logistics costs, and institute a CA Department of Google.

    Seriously, some type of restrictions on IT and media-monopolies might be implemented. Alas, most bloggers are more interested in google than in Galbraith, and the corporate cyber-structure will continue to grow, probably until a Hugo Chavez type of socialist reformer appears in California.

  3. Fools Gold the Google forum is here, though I’ve not found it much help in the past since Google’s presence there is minimal:

    Although you are right that the site is pretty thin I don’t think that is what would remove me in this fashion. In fact I have another Airport site called QuickAid that I have let fall to virtual ruin except for the blog. That site was “downranked” but not removed.

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