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Oregon Coast Bird Watching

This post falls squarely in the “SEO Experiments” category. We’ve had an informative but “plain jane” Oregon Coast website up for some time based on Oregon Coast magazine which is published by Northwest Travel Magazines. The site has historically ranked … Continue reading

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SES San Jose California: Search Secrets Session

This post moved to Technology Report

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SES San Jose – Orion Search Panel

SES San Jose – Orion Search Panel Originally uploaded by JoeDuck Live (well 10 minute delay?) from the afternoon keynote here at SES San Jose. We’ve got Matt Cutts, Robert Scoble, Danny Sullivan, Tim Westergren, Kirsten Mangers, Rich LaFurgy here … Continue reading

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SES San Jose – Lee Siegel Keynote

Lee Siegel is about to speak here at SES San Jose. He’s the author of “Against the Machine” and a senior editor at The New Republic, and a noted critic of the new media, primarily because he feels anonymity is … Continue reading

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Cuil Search – what am I missing about all that they are missing?

TechCrunch and others are waxing almost poetically about the new Cuil search engines, designed by ex Googlers to compete with the mother ship.    But after a few scattershot queries I’m just not feeling the power of Cuil.    It still … Continue reading

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Microsoft BrowseRank to compete with Google PageRank

CNET profiles a new paper showcasing a Microsoft effort to enhance search by looking at *user behavior* as well as the old standby standards that all the major search engines use such as links in to the page, the content … Continue reading

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Google Ranking Needs a Spanking

Over at the Google blog today Amit Singhal has post 1 of 2 that promises an introduction to Google ranking.  As usual I’m disappointed in the way Google maintains what to me is a pretense of transparency while using some … Continue reading

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