Great Wall of China Tours

Although we were lucky enough to have Kevin’s* cousin as our Great Wall Guide for our trip to Simatai, if you don’t have contacts in China you’ll want to hire a taxi or take a Great Wall Tour.   Always use caution with this type of business agreement and make sure you negotiate and understand the costs *beforehand*.   Generally, it is acceptable form in China to clarify costs.

I was surfing for pictures of Simatai and and found this travel agency which runs camping/hiking/lodge trips along the wall.   I expected the prices to be *much* higher so although I can’t directly endorse these guys this really looks like a reasonable price for a great trip.    I should say you could probably get lower if know somebody in the area or have a good hotel concierge that could find you a combination of driver, guide, and lodging, but if you want the comfort of a quality experience this place might be a good choice.

In any case they have a great panorama of the Simatai Wall at their website:

* Dr Kevin, my friend and in my opinion the best Medford Oregon Dentist 

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