Great Wall of China Tours

Although we were lucky enough to have Kevin’s* cousin as our Great Wall Guide for our trip to Simatai, if you don’t have contacts in China you’ll want to hire a taxi or take a Great Wall Tour.   Always use caution with this type of business agreement and make sure you negotiate and understand the costs *beforehand*.   Generally, it is acceptable form in China to clarify costs.

I was surfing for pictures of Simatai and and found this travel agency which runs camping/hiking/lodge trips along the wall.   I expected the prices to be *much* higher so although I can’t directly endorse these guys this really looks like a reasonable price for a great trip.    I should say you could probably get lower if know somebody in the area or have a good hotel concierge that could find you a combination of driver, guide, and lodging, but if you want the comfort of a quality experience this place might be a good choice.

In any case they have a great panorama of the Simatai Wall at their website:

* Dr Kevin, my friend and in my opinion the best Medford Oregon Dentist 

Bullfrog Stew in Beijing

Bullfrog Stew 158
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Bullfrog Stew was one of the more interesting dishes we sampled in Beijing.   It was tasty – spicy stew with the bullfrog meat very soft and tender.   The tiny bones, however, made it kind of hard to really savor.

Pictured is Kevin Wu, my friend and Medford Oregon Dentist.

Beijing Table Tennis

Beijing Table Tennis

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We had a lesson from a former member of the China National Team here in the TT club located in the Basement of the huge sporting goods store on Wanfujing Street, Beijing’s big shopping area.

Translating for me is my pong pal Dr. Kevin Wu, the best medford oregon dentist who is also a very good table tennis player.