Congratulations to President Elect Obama and to … America!

John McCain is now conceding the election with an eloquence that would have benefited his campaign, noting how historic this election has been for America.

CNN has projected what has been clear for several days now – Barack Obama will win the US Presidency,

With this decision we leave behind a two year campaign – the longest transition of leadership in the history of *any* democracy, and we enter a new and potentially transformative time for America. We face some of the greatest challenges in the history of our proud Democracy, but working together we can overcome them all.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations to President Elect Obama and to … America!

  1. 1 – It was indeed an eloquent and gracious concession speech by McCain and I still maintain if he had shown more of THAT John McCain throughout the campaign, and more importantly, picked a moderate woman who could have appealed to the disaffected Hillary voters, this race would have been far closer than it was.

  2. Congratulations!
    It is victory of the mankind transcending the barriers of race. It is a moment of pride for the legal fraternity also.

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