CNN Holographic Reporting Debut: Cool

Kudos to CNN for using holographic imagery for the first time in TV reporting.

35 high definition cameras surround Jessica Yellin in a tent in Chicago at the massive Obama rally as she is beamed live to the CNN situation room to talk with Wolf Blitzer.

The imagery is imperfect but of a high enough quality to suggest we’ll be seeing this tool used more and more as a virtual meeting environment.

Good job CNN !

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4 Responses to CNN Holographic Reporting Debut: Cool

  1. CN-NOT! says:


  2. NimbleThunder says:

    way cool. anyone who says otherwise probably wishes we were still using B&W TV’s.

  3. sorry says:

    watch”cnn hologram tv first hoax exposed on discovery channel”….fake

  4. glenn says:

    Joe this thing on CNN was a total fake…aye yi yi…why would they ever call it a hologram?

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