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Got Bias? Does Bill Moyers ?

I’m having a great discussion with my good pal Keith about whether Bill Moyers is “biased”.   I think Bill Moyers has become an authoritative and articulate spokesperson for the mainstream American left.   To me, that is almost the definition of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Birth Certificate. Official Copy. Long Form. CASE CLOSED!

Another curious episode in the history of the democratic party  comes to a close today as Barack Obama released a photograph of the long form official vault copy of  his birth certificate.  Signed by all the responsible parties needed in Hawaii … Continue reading

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Obama Tucson Memorial Speech Transcript

(As Prepared for Delivery) To the families of those we’ve lost; to all who called them friends; to the students of this university, the public servants gathered tonight, and the people of Tucson and Arizona:  I have come here tonight … Continue reading

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Dear President Obama …

Dear Mr. President, here’s the deal as I see it:  Most of the country – and I know I –  voted for you to *change* the course from an America that was too fueled by anger and intolerance and too … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Cairo Speech Transcript

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary (Cairo, Egypt) ________________________________________________________________________ REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON A NEW BEGINNING Cairo University Cairo, Egypt June 4, 2009 1:10 P.M. (Local) PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you very much. Good afternoon. I am honored … Continue reading

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Stop Torturing Obama’s Torture Policies

Over at President Picker I have posted my view on Obama’s Torture Policy.    I think it’s a good policy.   Comment over there please if you want to express yourself.

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David Brooks on Different Economic Points of View

David Brooks of the New York Times is one of my very  favorite thinkers – he’s a calm and intellectual conservative who manages to maintain a great deal of respect for the reality of the sweeping political changes before us, … Continue reading

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