Election Day 2008

Election Day 2008

Voting is still underway but the outcome is already clear – Obama will win our US presidency by either a modest or large number of electoral votes and probably about 54% or more of the popular vote. Many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief that the outcome today is clear and uncompromised by the many flaws of our counting system.

Election and electoral irregularities, negative campaign strategies, and the flaws of Democracy aside, all Americans should be very proud that our nation will once again make our qaudrennial peaceful transition of executive leadership from one administration to another after a national vote.

The Obama victory, combined with large gains in congress for the Democrats, will likely be viewed for centuries as one of the most significant transformative events in American history. This will be one of the largest swings from “conservative Republican” to “liberal Democrat” leadership in all of history.

In a decision based overwhelmingly on political rather than racial considerations, Obama’s rise to the US Presidency will also demolish the pervasive-but-misguided mythology that has suggested for over a generation that America could never transcend our history of prejudice and elect an African American to the highest office.

Yet Americans can transcend the challenges of our past.

We just did.

9 thoughts on “Election Day 2008

  1. Great point. I still can’t get over the fact that both of these candidates were fighting a losing, up-hill battle about a year ago. Haha, only in this country. 🙂

  2. The county in which I was born, with 100% of the vote counted, is tied:

    McCain – 535

    Obama – 535

    Black population – 0 (I think)

  3. Iran warns US…

    Russia to deploy missiles in response to US Missile Shield…

    Yes the world is speaking loud and clear about this election.

    We have no idea what we have just done.

  4. We had a President and Vice President who had handled the Russians with complete and utter incompetency. In that regard, your ilk ran a repeat. We fixed that.

  5. (4) Actually what we have done is thrown campaign finance reform out the window. We elected a leader that spent almost $700 million to get elected and we have no idea how much of that is foreign money or how much of it came from people donating more than the max. This is just another form of corruption.

    Chicago style politics at a national level now.

    What do you think America is going to do once Obama only delivers on 10% of his promises?

    What is going to happen to all the anti-Israel money behind Obama finds out he will have to back Israel?

    You maybe enjoying your victory JCH, hats to Obama for running an excellent campaign, but this may very well end up being the last chapter for the liberal left in this country. The people that are in control of the checkbook just cannot be trusted and this ultimately will come back to haunt the party. The raging left in Congress is going to do a more harm to our economy than good.

    It is a shame that people want to rally around a president because of his color – it shouldn’t matter, it is a shame that people want the corrupt in government to not only survive but prosper.

    We have serious problems at the very core of our country and NO ONE is interested in an honest discussion about them or doing anything about it. As Rev Wright has said…our chickens have certainly come home to roost!

  6. (6) Enjoy your kool-aid. The fact is you know very little about Obama and that was done by design and there is only one reason to hide the facts from the public.

  7. Hogwash. Your smear campaign was done by design. It was carefully crafted and coordinated campaign to lie about the President elect.

    That you have no shame or remorse is no surprise. Your ilk got the butt kicking it deserved. It’s been a long time coming.

  8. (8) LOL…I didn’t design anything I just posted things people were talking about.

    Now Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Dodd/Frank/Schumer can really show America what they want to do. I think in two years America will have had enough and major changes will come.

    The irony JCH is that you want your left ideology to take hold so bad you entrust the execution of it to people like Pelosi/Reid/Dodd/etc… they are going to destroy any long-term opportunity the left would have in this country. But I am sure when they really mess it up you will find someone else to blame…but this time around you won’t be able to blame Bush…oh wait…I am sure you will find a way.

    Don’t forget Pelosi’s approval rating is half that of Bush…if you think Bush is bad…Pelosi is going to show exactly just how corrupt she is now.

    As far as the crap that has happened toward Obama…it is his own fault…he has never been fully truthful with the American people and this is exactly what should happen when a politician plays these games…the people should hammer them. Just this time the MSM wasn’t going to do it…so it really got out of hand. If they did their job objectively the misleading things would have never happened.

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