OJ Simpson Trial Sentencing

OJ Simpson is getting sentenced in Las Vegas but it’s hard to understand exactly what all this means, though I think he’s in the slammer for at least 5 years and probably more.

The judge initially seemed to be defending herself as much as sentencing simpson, and is reading the sentences very fast.

Fox is reporting that the sentence is 16 years with parole eligibility after 5 years but there is also a “consecutive” sentence which means another 1.5 years, so Fox suggests 6.5 years minimum though there is some confusion about how this will play out for Simpson.

3 thoughts on “OJ Simpson Trial Sentencing

  1. The ongoing OJ-spectacle says quite a bit about the American legal business and media politics as a whole. It’s not quite clear what happened in Vegas: what mainstream newspapers /or blogs report should never be assumed to be what actually occurred. One of the victims did not even want to press charges.

    We may or may not care for OJ (I don’t care for him), but he has become a scapegoat: he’s assumed by many in Consumerland to be guilty for the Nicole Brown/Goldman murders–a possibility, though jury thought otherwise, and LAPD tampering also possible.

    We might not care for OJ the person, but that has nothing to do with his guilt, except to the usual editor-pimps and producers. At this point, the media functions as judge and jury as soon as a suspect hits the front page–whether in El Lay, Vegas or Victorville. Many yokels obviously consider the Vegas case revenge for Nicole’s murder, and I suspect the Vegas lawmen and ju-diciary (not exactly impartial or virtuous) thought of the case in those terms as well. Yet the Truth of the matter not at all obvious.

  2. It is the perfect example of what is exactly wrong with our legal system.

    There is no way he should serve a day for the circus that was played out in the courts in Las Vegas. Simply unbelievable.

    His past situation is completely different and he definitely got away with something back then.

    As we continue our downward spiral of redefining words like “is” and having more and more lawyers get elected into positions of power to further erode any resemblance of truth, honor, integrity and the core beliefs of our Constitution, etc…

    Our quality of life and the many things we take for granted are at risk now. We need to be a lot more careful in how we proceed or our lives as we have been so blessed with will end up being a distant memory.

    Imagine Barney Frank helping reshape the automotive industry just like he did with housing…aye yi yi…

  3. Barney Frank did not reshape housing. The houses were designed by GWB’s buddies. They were built by GWB’s buddies. They were sold by GWB’s buddies. They were financed by GWB’s buddies. It was all GWB’s idea.

    Barney Frank had nothing to do with it, and was easily reelected.

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