Live from CES Las Vegas CES09 CES 2009

I’m live from the very comfortable Press Lounge at CES Las Vegas where journalists from all over the world are streaming in to cover the world’s largest and most influential Technology Show as well as the largest event of the year here in Las Vegas.   At 4pm at “CES Unveiled” several companies will be exhibiting and discussing their technology plans for 2009.

Most of my tech coverage will be over at where John will also be writing about CES and new gadgets though he won’t be here until Friday.

1 thought on “Live from CES Las Vegas CES09 CES 2009

  1. Hey Joe,

    I heard from some of my industry friends that they have scaled back quite a bit this year at CES…what are you seeing? Is the economy shrinking the glitz usually found at CES?

    Be safe and have a lot of fun!

    PS – check out Popcorn Hour @CES they have a very neat new tech toy available…

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