Artificial Intelligence Global Luminaries

This great list is from the Accelerating Futures Website  from Michael Anissimov

Artificial Intelligence

Aubrey de Grey Aubrey de Grey
Chief Science Officer, Methuselah Foundation
Barney Pell Barney Pell
Search Strategist, Microsoft
Ben Goertzel Ben Goertzel
CSO, Novamente & Director of Research, SIAI
Bill Hibbard Bill Hibbard
Emeritus Senior Scientist, Space Science and Engineering Center
Bruce Klein Bruce Klein
President, Novamente & Director of Outreach, SIAI
Christine Peterson Christine Peterson
Co-Founder, Foresight Nanotech Institute
David Hart David Hart
Director of Open Source Projects, SIAI
Eliezer Yudkowsky Eliezer Yudkowsky
Co-Founder and Research Fellow, SIAI
Eric Baum Eric Baum
Founder, Baum Research
Hans Moravec Hans Moravec
Chief Scientist, Seegrid Corporation
Helen Greiner Helen Greiner
Co-Founder, iRobot Corporation
Hugo de Garis Hugo de Garis
Professor, Wuhan University
J Storrs Hall J Storrs Hall
President, Foresight Nanotech Institute
John Laird John Laird
Tishman Professor of Engineering, University of Michigan
Jonas Lamis Jonas Lamis
Executive Director, SciVestor Corporation
Jonathan Connell Jonathan Connell
Staff Member, T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM
Joscha Bach Joscha Bach
Author, Principles of Synthetic Intelligence
Jurgen Schmidhuber Jurgen Schmidhuber
Professor of Cognitive Robotics and Computer Science, TU Munich
Marcus Hutter Marcus Hutter
Associate Professor, Australian National University
Marvin Minsky Marvin Minsky
Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT
Matt Bamberger Matt Bamberger
Founder, Intelligent Artifice
Monica Anderson Monica Anderson
Founder, Syntience Inc.
Moshe Looks Moshe Looks
AI Researcher, Google Research
Neil Jacobstein Neil Jacobstein
Chairman and CEO, Teknowledge
Pei Wang Pei Wang
Lecturer, Department of Computer and Information Science, Temple University
Peter Cheeseman Peter Cheeseman
Advisor, Singularity Institute
Peter Norvig Peter Norvig
Director of Research, Google
Peter Thiel Peter Thiel
Founder, Clarium Capital
Ray Kurzweil Ray Kurzweil
Chairman and CEO, Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.
Rodney Brooks Rodney Brooks
Chief Technical Officer, iRobot Corp
Ronald Arkin Ronald Arkin
Regents’ Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Tech
Sam Adams Sam Adams
Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research Division
Sebastian Thrun Sebastian Thrun
Director, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Selmer Bringsjord Selmer Bringsjord
Chair, Department of Department of Cognitive Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Stan Franklin Stan Franklin
Interdisciplinary Research Professor, University of Memphis
Stephen Omohundro Stephen Omohundro
Founder and President, Self-Aware Systems
Stephen Reed Stephen Reed
Principal Developer, Texai
Susan Fonseca Klein Susan Fonseca Klein
Chief Administrative Officer, Singularity Institute
Wendell Wallach Wendell Wallach
Lecturer, Yale’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

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