More clear thinking about climate change from Bjorn Lomborg

In the Washington Post today Bjorn Lomborg has a  nice short article about why the climate conference in Copenhagen is falling short of expectations and why it’s time to start focusing on different approaches to limiting global warming.

As one of the most articulate folks working to fight the alarmism about climate change, Lomborg is often spuriously called a “climate skeptic” when in fact he has always accepted the excellent IPCC work and the obvious fact of global warming and even accepted the likelihood that most of the observed warming is caused by humans.  But Lomborg rejects the many misguided, expensive approaches alarmists are suggesting to mitigate these changes.

If we are to respond effectively to global warming then we don’t need any more feel-good summits, or exaggerated but empty declarations of success from politicians. We need action that actually does good.

Yes Mr. Lomborg.   But there is no climate Santa Clause, and ironically we’ll see that the inaction continues in the political arena.    Hopefully innovation will trump all the inaction and hype and we’ll have some major energy breakthroughs, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

7 thoughts on “More clear thinking about climate change from Bjorn Lomborg

  1. Joe the entire AGW fraud is unraveling. The truth is being exposed…just read the emails and see the files from HadlyCRU.

    They clearly show that the top promoters/scientists involved with AGW are defrauding the world. The science they have put forth is bogus, false, falsified, embellished, tweaked, manipulated, etc…

    The peer reviews were stacked with people favorable to the ideology of the WTO establishing a world order, one world government.

    Are you asleep at the wheel? Are you missing the biggest story of the century?

    I posted another link much earlier on the previous blog entry regarding AGW…

    GAME OVER – investigate, indict, prosecute and throw these scammers in prison for the rest of their lives…

  2. Glenn warming is NOT A FRAUD, it’s an “exaggeration” of a potentially dangerous situation.

    I don’t know why you keep insisting on ignoring the overwhelming body of research that makes warming obvious, and makes CO2 and human activity the likely culprits.

    Now, that doesn’t mean we have to forego trillions in GDP and condemn the next generation to greater poverty in misguided mitigation efforts, but the idea that there are legions of scientists conspiring to defraud the public with lies is ridiculous.

    • Joe with climategate the entire scientific position around global warming is NOW in question.

      Is is a FACT that the leading proponents of AGW have misrepresented the facts. You just choose to diminish the position as an exaggeration…not sure how you do that when you look at the FACTS…they CLEARLY state that their position of global warming is NOW in question and they cannot reconcile it.

      I think everyone would agree that we experience climate change and trends in climate but to say without a doubt that the earth is warming and it is based on humans is NOW shown to be a fallacy.

      Remember these are the same EXACT people that were saying we were going to face a global ice age back in the 70’s…so which is it?

      Let me tell you exactly what is it…

      It is about redistribution of wealth, it is about the socialization of our entire planet, it is about demonizing the most common elements in the univserse so we can tax them. It is about population control, it is about loss of freedom, it is about the death of free markets, etc.

      Not one government mandated green economy is working in the world. A government mandated economy is NEVER going to work.

      If you are still in this camp then at best you are a progressive at worst a communist.

      The only scientific discussion we should be having is how do we adapt the human race to better deal with both scenarios an ice age or increased warming.

    • Joe let me define what a potential dangerous situation is…

      An extinction event:

      1) Asteroid killer
      2) Super volcano

      BOTH ARE 100% GOING TO HAPPEN. Yet we do nothing about it – NOTHING.

      What do our fearless leaders do…let’s figure out a way to take away people’s freedoms and tax them.

      WAKE UP.

  3. Joe with climategate the entire scientific position around global warming is NOW in question.

    NO NO NO. Glenn as usual you are taking a narrow focus on the issue. It appears clear that a handful of scientists may have been working to manipulate data. This has been Steve McKintyre’s assertion for years and today’s ClimateGate scandal is lending support to his claims. This is a very interesting, huge story but it’s hardly suggesting by any means whatsoever that the huge body of climate research is in question. It DOES suggest that alarmists have abused science interpretation to garner political and public support, and that’s a huge story.

    • Joe what exactly can you trust?

      If these same people were saying we were heading for an ice age-would you believe it?

      Because that is exactly what they did…so how are they right this time…

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