Google Adwords: All Your Advertising Base are Belong to GOOGLE!

I’m firing up an Adwords campaign to support our  CES 2010 Coverage over at Technology Report and … ummm… I am NOT enjoying revisiting the frustration of working with the world’s most sophisticated advertising monopoly.

I really would NOT complain that much if Google’s silly “ad diagnosis tool” said something like this:

“Dear Joe, we noticed you wanted to run some advertising on our blank results pages.    Although we realize your content is very relevant to users and there is low competition for the space we are going to gouge you on pricing … why Joe?  BECAUSE WE CAN YOU SUCKER!”

I really would chuckle and appreciate the honesty.    In my view Google does not have an obligation to me with respect to pricing ads.   They can do as they please and let the market decide.

BUT … they do have an obligation to be more honest than they are with Adwords comments and as usual the recommendations take the ridiculous forms as they do wth organic search problems where Google is often vague or non-responsive.     Why am I saying they aren’t being honest?    Although it’s true that there appear to be ways to increase your chances of appearing without paying more, the notion that the quality of the keywords and what you pay are unrelated is preposterous.  In fact it clearly defies the claim of “user centric” so often heard from Google.

What can I do?
There are several ways to improve the quality of your keywords, thus decreasing your advertising costs. Learn how to
build a more effective keyword list, and take advantage of our campaign optimization tips. You can also raise your bid. See the ‘Quality Score’ tab for recommendations.

So yes Google I will pay more to show up, but it would be nice if you’d at least make it clear that the reason irrelevant ads are trumping others is that they *make more for Google*, not because they are better for users.

What, you wanted an example of pay to play clear irrelevancy?    Here’s ONE among what I’d estimate are millions of inferior ads running at Google at higher rates than more relevant ads:

Consumer Electronics Show
Consumer Electronics Show Online.

Free Shipping on 100,000+ Products!

Disclaimer:   Hey, on other websites I make money from Google Adwords via Adsense.  I am thus one of the *beneficiaries of this process.  So, why am I biting the hand that feeds me?    Because ya gotta calls ’em like ya sees ’em.

13 thoughts on “Google Adwords: All Your Advertising Base are Belong to GOOGLE!

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  2. >they have an obligation to be more honest than they are
    I think being a monopoly means that they really don’t have to be honest with you at all.

    By the way, I have no idea what the workings of AdSense are actually as I try to ignore all ads and never click on an ad link. I might RETYPE the URL if its shown in an ad but I will not click on the ad itself since that rewards google and the advertiser.

  3. Learn how to build a more effective keyword list, and take advantage of our campaign optimization tips.

    Optimize, Sir Duck! Insta-keyword list: money, porno babes, investment tips, online gambling, xxx, free, cash, defense attorneys, casinos, Uni. of phoenix, hot babes, Las Vegas, entertainment, free, casino, etc.

    The shekels will be rolling in. (I note most of those are on your sidebar, excepting the ….hot babes. Miss Marsha!)

    • From: The Anonymous Lord High Mucky-Muck at AdSense
      To: Horatoix

      We have noted that your list of suggested keywords to Sir Duck contains the word “free” in two separate locations and that it contains the word “casino” as well as the word “casinos”. We also take note that the term “babes” is gratuitiously repeated.

      We have declared your efforts to be an attempt at Search Engine Optimization and is therefore an attempt to subvert Google’s algorithms by improperly promoting your content beyond its true value as solely determined by Google. Your AdSense account is therefore suspended and all funds are unilaterally declared forfeited.

  4. the world’s most sophisticated advertising monopoly.

    Yes. Too bad there are no Roosevelt-ish monopoly and trust-busters around. Congress itself could implement some anti-monopoly policies, or anti-Google, or anti-Sergey Brin policies.

    We shouldn’t begrudge the wealthy doctor, or engineer, professor, etc too much. When you get to Sergey Brin, and the top Forbes 50 or so, however, there are problems. Like Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google more or less dictates the course of the economy. Tycoonomics.

  5. “Tycoonomics” Horatiox that’s another GREAT term!

    Ha – I don’t even agree with the premise (that corporations dictate our economy to an unreasonable degree), but love the term! Wonderful title for a book about the rise of charisma capitalism in the USA.

  6. Thanx. The premise could be confirmed. Compare the net-worths of a Bill Gates, Ellison, Brin, Soros, etc. and their companies to the old robber-baron types, Carnegie, JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Chase, et al. The cyber-tycoons are Carnegies, cubed.

    They make use of superior technology, but really quite similar to the old trusts, with the control of all aspects of production, farming out the actual labor to coolies, more or less.

    The cyber-tycoons do engage in substantial philanthropic causes as Carnegie and pals did, but that’s fairly insubstantial amount compared to the total net-worth. Gates may do more than most, but many humans rightfully object to charity-omics, where local markets (especially in 3rd world) depend on the largesse–and whims– of some billionaire.

  7. rightfully object to charity-omics, where local markets (especially in 3rd world) depend on the largesse–and whims– of some billionaire

    I’d challenge you on that point. It’s true that “old school” development – usually by USAID and other agencies – sometimes made the mistake of funding massive projects (e.g. Dams) that were not sustainable given local constraints/customs/prejudices/etc. However the new entrepreneurial models are much leaner and more effective with high ROIs. Gates is only one group among thousands that bring low cost, high impact project to the third world. Unless you’ve done *very recent homework*, you may not be aware of the amazing stuff going on with respect to Malaria, Smallpox, Water purification and wells, agriculture, health, education. Many of these are funded by wealthy US entrepreneurs – some to a higher degree than by Governments.

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