7 thoughts on “John Stewart on ClimateGate

    • I do favor slowing down expensive responses because I think there is not catastrophe looming, but you keep acting like more proof is needed and this isn’t the case. There’s little left to prove scientifically. Warming is a fact and “mostly human caused” is very likely. The debate is about the best course of action and that is political and economic.

      That’s the frustrating part for me. The science is pretty clear now but people keep arguing over that rather than the core issues of what can we do and what should we do. IMHO the answer is “not much”, so let’s tend to other problems that are easier to manage with a higher return on investment.

      • What is frustrating to me Joe…is there is NO census on that point. The science is not settled. It is settled with the scientists that will directly benefit from it.

        We also have absolute proof that there was a concerted effort to thwart the truth about global warming and to actually conceal anything that raised questions.

        I would submit there are more scientists that are skeptical than those that are supportive.

        Also it is more of an indictment of the politicians and UN behind it. Global warming could very well be real but if anyone actually believes that a program to solve it from any government or the UN needs their head examined. The last thing they want to do is actually solve the problem – they want to profit from it…either by funding or taxes.

        That is the real issue here. How about they set up a program that allows the scientists that think they have the theories to submit them to fully open review and if it makes is through a real peer review (with the public able to get all their questions answered) then they get funding to continue their work.

        Those that have squandered billions on bad science…well they should get a day in jail for every dollar they received.

        See how many scientists will then step up and have their work put under real open scrutiny.

        If they are so sure Joe…then none of them would be worried about jail time.

        We are talking about solutions that will literally bankrupt every economy and force in one world government – that is the end-game here.

      • Glenn there’s a massive concensus about human caused warming.
        I’d estimate that less than 1% of those studying climate don’t
        believe in AGW. More skeptics in other sciences, but stil
        well under 10%. That does not make it TRUE, but it makes it
        very, very likely which is all any good scientist can say
        about most complicated ideas.

        Even in things like cancer/smoking and evolution – both more clearly documented than AGW – there are informed skeptics who believe the earth is actually only 6000 years old. This is a kooky, unsupportable idea that defies reason but it remains held by a handful of bright, knowledgeable people who put their ideology and their emotions ahead of their scientific method.

        Now, a few climate skeptics like Lindzen are not like that (he’s a superb scientist), but there’s one of him against hundreds of non-skeptics, so the best bet is with the majority and with the reasonable assertions made about climate and human causes.

  1. As Bjorn Lomborg says about the Copenhagen Treaty:“The agreement they announced is nothing more than face-saving by the world’s leaders.” He then says: “Trying to force drastic carbon emissions cuts in the short-term doesn’t work economically or politically. We should have the courage to admit that this is the wrong road – and that it’s time to adopt a new strategy for dealing with climate change.”

  2. Joe that just isn’t true. There is no census about the causes of climate change. The only people agreeing are the people connected to the benefits of such policy.

    The data very clearly shows (when not doctored) that CO2 increases follow the temperature trends…not cause it…Goracle, etc have it backwards on purpose because as they have said since the 1970’s they need to blame it on something that can be tied to humans.

    It baffles me that you can’t see the end-game here unless you support the one-world government. Research the players, follow the money – it is crystal clear what is going on here.

    You and everyone else on the planet is being scammed here. Even the head of the UN stated that their policies, etc won’t do a bit of good for climate change…hello McFly!

    Go resarch George Hunt the original whistleblower and find his interviews he goes back decades exposing this scheme and guess what they have been trying to do this for over 40 years..AGW just happens to be the latest incarnation to force this on the planet.

  3. What isn’t funny is the fact that they are NOT going to prosecute these criminals!!!

    The fix is in…simply unbelievable…they should release Madoff as well…these incompetent and unethical scientists are no different than Bernie!

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