Talent Oregon Coffee

The website for the Talent Oregon Coffee Shop called the Whistle Stop Coffee Shop is currently listed far too low by  Google’s search algorithm, below two of my posts about  the Whistle Stop Coffee Shop Talent Oregon.    Hopefully this post plus some changes to titles in an earlier blog post (which had Title “Whistle Stop Coffee Shop Talent Oregon”,  plus some linkage action will fix this problem, but we’ll see.     The Whistle Stop’s website is using a Godaddy hosting template now and Google may be downranking for that or fretting over the Godaddy banner at the top which may diminish the content score (I’m just speculating here).

Blog content continues to factor very importantly into search rankings, especially (I speculate) because of the freshness and as a source of relevant links in to other content.      Confounding all SEO analyses is the fact that Google appears to treat things somewhat inconsistently to reduce the effects of really aggressive optimization tactics.    For example there are tricks that can be used that may lead to a short term big boost in rankings, only to leave a site penalized for months or even years for “manipulation of the algorithm”, which in the eyes of Google is a crime worthy of the harshest punishment.

One of the interesting challenges in search engine optimization is, as the excellent Mr. Matt Cutts at Google likes to say, that  “Googlebot is stupid”   that might be paraphrasing but I think it’s a direct quote. He was talking about the fact that good site structure will “help” Google figure out the natural and relevant relationships between links, content, and websites.     Matt likes to point out – sometimes to some fairly hostile SEO folks at conferences – that good SEO is mostly just applying a lot of common sense “best practices” rules for websites, aka “building for the user not the search engines”.      I often give that good advice to people who ask me how to rank well even though they are usually disappointed (and skeptical) when I don’t give them hints from the bag of  secret tricks they think you learn at search conferences.     For the record it used to be a lot easier to manipulate ranks and it was a common practice, but now most quality SEO folks will advise you to avoid deception or manipulations and spend your time and money seeking legitimate incoming links and building great websites.    That does NOT always work – especially for new sites – but it’s good general advice.

So let’s see if Google can get this one right quickly.   The most relevant site for the query “Whistle Stop Coffee Shop Talent Oregon” is …

4 thoughts on “Talent Oregon Coffee

  1. >Google may be downranking or fretting over the
    >Godaddy banner which may diminish the content score
    I’m glad of such downranking.
    It is a very unpleasant experience to click on that link and find such an unprofessionally displayed page of little value. Normally I would not click on any link that I knew had any connection whatsoever to Go Daddy.

    Search engine rankings versus actual content battles?

    One need only click on some news report about Amanda Knox having been found guilty of murder in Italy to get directed to a variety of useless drivel amidst adds for pornography or cell phone ringtones.

    I wonder if the people who run that coffee shop might be better off ridding themselves of any connection to GoDaddy or the use of any website templates.

    • You are right FG…the site isn’t very professional nor does it render correctly in all the browsers. In fact it doesn’t work at all in the latest version of IE.

      They would be better off using one of the sites that lists local businesses with customer reviews…

  2. this morning’s slashdot suggests I type in Exercise Bike Clearance and click on the first link to see an egregious example of SEO at work. The fine line between SEO and Spam!
    Somehow, I think I’ll pass.

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