Aria Resort and Casino Opens in Las Vegas CityCenter

I’m really looking forward to seeing CITYCENTER Las Vegas on the trip to CES 2010 in January. Just a few days ago the Aria Resort and Casino opened in a blaze of fireworks, and the Vdara Hotel opened just a few weeks ago.

Aria Resort Grand Opening Special:

Disclosure: Aria Resort and Vdara Hotel are sponsors of the CES Coverage at my Tech News and Conference blog Technology Report.

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15 Responses to Aria Resort and Casino Opens in Las Vegas CityCenter

  1. horatiox says:

    Aria’s definitely a big chunk of property, and took a big chunk of change, eh–now the largest resort in Vegass-town, I believe. MGM with some asian capital methinks built it–16 restaurants, like 4000+ rooms, pools, spas and……VIVA ELVIS, by cirque de soleil. (yo, Byronia of New Worlds could put his Elvis-impersonator skills to work!!!!).

    Looks classy, Duck. Then most mafia joints do….:-]

  2. JoeDuck says:

    At $11,000,000,000, CityCenter was the most expensive construction project in the USA (I think number two in world):

    The innovations are even more exceptional than the big drama of this project getting final funding and (soon) being fully completed.

  3. FoolsGold says:

    Some commentators have likened it to the Upper West Side of Manhattan: great shops, great restaurants, great bars … and none of it removed from the real world. Its a casino without any theme of rainforrests, pyramids or Tuscan troubadors.

  4. horatiox says:

    Tuscan troubadours.

    Yeah they can be fairly obnoxious, but nothin’ like Tuscon troubadours, especially ones who love….Elvis! (er, Elvis-in-Orbit). Even the wise-guys of Aria realize Elvis manga still carries some weight, at least vegass-way. That said, Aria looks something like…….Babylon to some of us.

  5. JoeDuck says:

    Babylon !?

    Horatiox I can only hope that’s true!

  6. horatiox says:

    Speaking of Babylon, the talented Byronia of New Worlds doesn’t limit, er, itself to Elvis or disco, but actually does a mean Sir Elton impression (tho’ sans…ivories). Maybe Cirque DS material when his t-shirt biz folds? Wunderbar.

  7. Yawwucbv says:

    Can you put it on the scales, please? free teen handjob pics >:OOO

  8. Gpmtgylt says:

    A few months bbs porno model women take note this is how to give head…poor little guy couldnt fuck her properly but this vid gets ratings for class A head alone

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