What Would Jesus Do?

For a more inspired Christmas I’d urge folks to consider giving tiny thoughtful gifts and then giving larger money gifts to any of the great charity groups supporting causes all over the globe. Obviously you’ll want to confirm a high ROI for your gift, where the money goes mostly to alleviating poverty rather than, say, for expensive research into an obscure disease or into marketing to convince you to give more.

A very high ROI, safe charity is Grameen Foundation, which funds small business projects by women of the developing world. Most of my giving this year will go to Grameen and instead of gifts for my family (kids excepted this year) I’m sending money in their names…to Grameen Foundation and some other charities that closely match their personal priorities.


2 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Do?

  1. And such a great gift in so many ways!
    – Jesus would probably dig it
    – Tax deductible (hmm. Render unto the IRS…)
    – Procrastinator’s delight

    But above all it makes one feel… like it’s Christmas.

  2. Jee-zuss would probably want the Feds to prosecute war criminals (whether GOP, or Demo, ala Clinton & Feinstein), and also push for anti-trust suits on corporate oligarchies, even the ueber-charitable ones like Microsoft and Google (and also the ones Obama selected for his admin, ie Goldman Sachs). He opposed usury,actually (assuming New Testament is accurate). JC shouldn’t be mistaken for a dixie WASP (or bay area neo-liberal for that matter); he’s sort of a rabble-rouser, though …probably stopped short of endorsing Karl Marx.

    Merry X-mas.

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