America’s Got Talent, Oregon

The rumors were true.    America’s Got Talent, the hit NBC TV Show, is auditioning talented folks from our area and I think mostly from Talent, Oregon right down the street at the Talent Middle School.

My *very talented daughter* is now regretting that she didn’t try out but hey, that’s show biz I guess.    We know a lot of the folks who are going to perform so hopefully they’ll…. win the million dollar prize at the end of the 2010 series!

Thanks to the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival down the road, dozens of high quality local theaters like the Camelot Theater here in Talent, proximity to California and popularity as a California retirement area, PLUS a great all around place to live, Southern Oregon probably has a lot more talent than your average small rural town.

America’s got Talent, Talent Oregon!   Woo Hoo!

1 thought on “America’s Got Talent, Oregon

  1. Cool. You’re near Ashland, eh Mr Duck? Nice area–the Schackaspeare fest. remains a fave destination of Cali. choker-setters and wine-types, at least NoCal–a bit far for SoCal. I’ve heard Ashland’s grown a bit conservative, and posh: was sort of an unruly par-tay 10-20 years ago. Hey nonny yo, whatever.

    Yes, quite a copacetic Cali retirement area, as long as some of those oregon mountain men (or wimmen) don’t see your cal. plates.

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