History of the Democrats – part deux. The SEO edition.

Well, my “history of the democratic party” experiment has been very interesting to say the least.   The original article at Travel and History is ranking pretty well at Google – currently 15th.  However the previous post here at JoeDuck, which is really mostly just referencing that superior treatment of the topic, is ranking 12th.    I’ve been doing enough experiments sloppily that I can’t be sure, but I think Google had this “right” last week when the Travel and History post was higher than the JoeDuck reference.   Not clear to me why the JoeDuck would rank higher but perhaps it’s part of the algorithm shaking out the “right answer” for how to rank an excellent article on the history of the democrats.

So, in the interest of SEO excellence we bring you THIS post, which is referencing the correct one yet again and hopefully prompting Google to get it right and rank that one higher than this one.

Although clearly most users would want a real article about the history of the democratic party rather than the JoeDuck reference and rant, I can’t really suggest how high in the rankings that one should appear.  It’s a good article but not great, based mostly on info gleaned from Wikipedia’s superior treatment of the Dems history.

The End…..

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