Obama’s Birth Certificate. Official Copy. Long Form. CASE CLOSED!

Another curious episode in the history of the democratic party  comes to a close today as Barack Obama released a photograph of the long form official vault copy of  his birth certificate.  Signed by all the responsible parties needed in Hawaii to verify an official live birth of a US citizen, this should seal the presidential deal for all but the kookiest of the kooks who have pursued this silly angle for years.    Although it is odd to me that it took so long to release this innocuous copy, I now assume the team was strategically holding back  in the hopes of derailing some candidates, collecting foolish quotes about Obama’s legitimacy, etc.   One would have expected them to wait a bit longer but the issue had gained so much traction perhaps they felt more harm was coming than they’d expected.

In any case, here it is:

Only the pathetically  gullible and/or irrational will dispute this any longer.   Unfortunately that includes …. more of us than anybody would like to admit.       Tribal thinking rules now across the USA and across the globe.   People believe what they are told to believe by fellow tribe members without bothering to think for themselves.  Conclusions define the facts for them.   It’s become unusual – even among many in the science commmunity – to apply the scientific and rational approach where facts define the conclusion.    Advocacy and activism have almost completely replaced reason, and things are not going to change anytime soon.

I blame the 60s.

9 thoughts on “Obama’s Birth Certificate. Official Copy. Long Form. CASE CLOSED!

  1. Assuming that Obama allows the actual document to be authenticated, this should end it.

    Personally, I doubt he will do so since denying such a reasonable request would further allow his myrmidons and thugs to paint Americans as racists.

      • It’s an old political slur and I’m conservative enough to prefer old terms. 😉

        As for his motivation though – why would you ascribe any motive other than political gain to any politician seeking election or re-election.

        Face it, Obama lost a lot of his base over the last two years and this sort of thing is a great way of firing them up, if not for him, then against his opposition.

  2. Where’s Glenn? This definitely deflates his birther balloon.

    I was fairly convinced the birther issue was over once the copy of COLB appeared on d-Kos. BO’s birth announcement from the Honolulu paper also was difficult to dispute.

    That said, he could have just published this 3 years ago, couldn’t he have– and quieted down the yokels.

    • I think the Obama folks probably allowed this to continue because it was a distraction that made the opposition look bad. Even the 2 million or so rumored to have been spent in the lawsuits was chump change compared to the ads needed to combat the more legitimate beefs with Obama that’ll start coming up…

    • The backpedalling of some conservatives in regard to the birther issue amuses somewhat.

      This might be noted with the New Worlds gang, and the loudmouth sunday schooler
      “byronius”. He at times supported the birthers (not to say Mitt Romney) . But now, once the proof has come in, it’s time to pretend there were no doubts, ever. That’s how the corporate liberal aka phonycrat mind works–it’s rightist one day, leftist the next.

      I admit to at first sharing some of Glennster’s doubts, say 2008 or so, but that soon subsided–the CIA however powerful could not likely falsify a birth or have the Honolulu paper party to the conspiracy. It’s settled now. That said, Obama’s record as a whole has hardly been “transparent”.

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