Obama’s 2012 Military Budget Request: $671 Billion

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The president is asking Congress for $671 billion for FY2012
$553 billion DOD “base budget”plus $118 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Military personnel account for $142.8 billion of the base budget. Operations and maintenance is $204.4 billion, procurement is $113 billion and research and development is $75.3 billion.

Army portion of the base budget is $144.9 billion.

Navy and Marine Corps portion is $161.4 billion.

Air Force $150 billion.

Defense Department $96.8 billion.

2.3 million service members to receive a 1.6 percent pay raise.

Army strength 547,000

Marine 202,100.

Navy 325,000

Air Force 332,800.

All told, the department’s end strength will be 1,408,000 in fiscal 2012 if this budget is approved. In fiscal 2007, the end strength was 1,328,500

The budget includes $52.5 billion for the Military Health System. The system, which has 9.6 million beneficiaries.

The more than 600,000 civilians in the DOD work force will not receive a raise in calendar years 2011 and 2012 as part of the larger governmentwide freeze on wages. The department intends to hold the civilian work force at fiscal 2010 levels, though exceptions will be made for the on-going acquisition work force improvement strategy, officials said.

About 48,500 American troops remain in Iraq, and about 98,000 U.S. troops are in Afghanistan.

Most of the $117.8 billion in the overseas contingency operations fund — some $67 billion — goes to operations. Training Afghan forces consumes the next-largest amount, at $12.8 billion.

1 thought on “Obama’s 2012 Military Budget Request: $671 Billion

  1. That’s slightly less than what he asked for–and got– in 2011, IIRC. What’s $671 billion between friends, anyway Duck? BO has increased DoD like 3-4% over BushCo each year–yet few Demo hipsters seem to be concerned–the DoD projects (like drones) are big business, provide homies with jobs…Dronetech, yall!. And big kickbacks to pro-DoD politicians as well. No wonder Demopublicans approve. Read the specs on the new F-35 for more news from Dystopia:


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