Almost 5000 dead and counting

No, not from the Indonesian earthquake – indeed a terrible tragedy. Global warming? Ha – not even the most alarmist proponents make this claim. Nope, not from terrorism, which tragically took perhaps 5 or even 10 lives today despite *trillions* of dollars spent fighting wars and providing security across thousands of first world venues.

Malaria killed the 5000. Today. And yesterday. And tomorrow. 1-3 Million per year with some indications the count has been historically too low on this disease.

But let's not worry about Malaria because the cost to dramatically reduce transmission is …. $2.50 for nets that protect people while they sleep. $5.50 for the really good nets that can protect people for 5 years.

More death news you won't see on CNN or FOX. Yet today (nor yesterday or the days before) I didn't see anything on CNN or FOX about this ongoing life and death battle with parasitic diseases where the death toll eclipses that of *all wars ever fought for all time*.

CNN did, however, have a long report lamenting the fact that that about 100 people per week die waiting for organ transplants. We better get to work on that, because why spend $2.50 for a net to save a kid's life when you can spend $250,000.00 giving a rich guy a extra few years?

2 thoughts on “Almost 5000 dead and counting

  1. And let’s not even talk about the fact that DDT could erase virtually 90% of malaria within 5 years…eh? And it wouldn’t even cost as much as netting. But saving millions of people whilst maybe endangering a few birds is beyond the realm of possibility. Birds are too important. Much more so than the people.

  2. Interesting. Another politically incorrect news story. This reminds me that Rachel Carson and her book “Silent Spring” came in with little criticism at the time, but I think is now considered as an alarmist, unscientific analysis (checking on that). Yikes…unscientific alarmism sure sounds familiar.

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