My PPC advertising experiment reveals very questionable incoming clicks.

In 2005 I started experimenting with pay per click advertising. I deposited 1500 into an account, set the daily limits low, and directed all traffic to an affiliate travel site I set up for the experiment. I’m now analyzing the results which suggest almost all the activity from enhance was worthless, and some may have been fraudulent. This is especially frustrating because I’d had similar bad experiences with Enhance’s previous incarnation – “” but thought I’d give the new Enhance a chance.

I can’t be sure yet of anything other than the extremely low return on the $500 spent, but I’ll be posting more over the next few weeks from my logs about the sites that sent traffic.

I just sent this to Enhance Customer Support:


I’ve had no responses to my request to refund the 1500 I invested in Enhance advertising in 2005 as part of an experiment in using PPC to send traffic to a Travel affiliate website I set up for this purpose.

$1000 remains in my account.

I’ve been examining my log files and it appears that most of the clicks I’ve had from Enhance were from very questionable, possibly fraudulent sources. I’m happy to share this information with you.

What is *certain* is that I’ve had effectively no business come in from my $500 investment in Enhance Clicks.

This Washington Post Article
explains the approach taken by “pay to click” schemes. I suspect much of my traffic came from this type of scam, though all that really matters is that the clicks were effectively worthless.

I’d also like your permission to publish your responses to me at my blog:

Thank you. Please contact me immediately at 800-872-3266 or by email.

8 thoughts on “My PPC advertising experiment reveals very questionable incoming clicks.

  1. A ‘click’ is a pretty ephemeral thing to buy.

    Did it ever occur to these merchants that they make their money selling a product rather than getting people to merely view their website. I understand that the merchants feel that without a ‘view’ and ‘buy’ won’t take place.

    There are some memorable parallels with the world of pre-internet advertising. A Fast Food chain’s ad of “Where’s the Beef” had people talking about it and it made the TV talk shows, but the ad never increased sales. Its the same way with ‘clicks’. The counts can go up and irrespective of it being legitimate or fraudulent, its still not generating any revenue.

  2. I’d say a click is one of the least ephemeral forms of advertising if it comes from legitimate interest. TV and Print ads simply present imagery to people and it’s rarely clear if this leads to any engagement whatsoever. Google’s legitimate claim to fame is it’s contextual matching which helps bring interested buyers to sellers in highly targeted fashion.

    However in a pay to click scheme, sometimes run by complex programs that generate fake clicks via spoofed IPs, there is no buyer interest.

    However Google seems to do a better job of screening out “fake”, accidental, and poor performing click advertising though the jury’s still out even on Google’s click fraud protections.

  3. I’ve tested the PPC traffic from Enhance and the only conclusion I can make, is that a large part of the traffic they sent is fradulent. This traffic comes from lots of small affiliates from Enhance.

    Certain affiliates of Enhance sent traffic that analyzes to this:
    Page Views per Visit: 1
    Avg. Time on Site: 0 sec
    New Visits: 100%
    Bounce Rate: 100%

    It is clear to me comparing these results to other traffic sources, that the traffic is fake!

    Organic traffic from Google anayzes to this:
    Page Views per Visit: 14.79
    Avg. Time on Site: 6 minutes and 50 seconds
    New Visits: 65.03
    Bounce Rate 34.81

    I do not know if Enhance is aware of all these affiliates sending worthless traffic. Maybe they don’t care.

  4. Yes, Enhance is a total scam. I’ve been with them for a year and all they did was take my money. Thank you for exposing the crooks.

  5. I tested enhance and yes its really a scam. enhance is a scam. I have an adsense account which gives be 40-50% click throughs when I use other PPC. When IO tried enhance(nothing) I lost $9 in 15 minutes! with ZERO click through!!!! All fake bots! 0 seconds total time spent on my site!
    STAY AWAY FROM ENHANCE.COM !!!!!!!!go with google or yahoo.

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